Chips junk food obesity

So six months after all major supermarkets banned energy drinks sales to kids, the government is consulting on banning energy drinks for kids.

This, in the same week that its plans emerged to scrap 5p plastic bags, six months after supermarkets did - guess what?

Little wonder the industry was somewhat underwhelmed at the ban, despite those hawks in the media who regard it as nanny state gone mad.

But this week there was news which really does have enormous implications. The DH is to consult on plans for a crackdown on promotions, with industry sources already furious at what they see as plans to sneak legislation through the back door.

The wording of the plan so far has been vague in the extreme. Is the government going to tinker with bogofs and a ban on guilt lanes (other areas where the horse has already bolted) or will this be the sweeping ban on all HFSS promos health campaigners have been calling for for years?

If so, prepare for a battle which will make the rumpus over Red Bull and the rest seem like small beer.