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Source: Costa Coffee

The new fibre lids have up to 50% lower carbon footprint than the current polystyrene plastic ones

Costa Coffee is launching a trial with 100% recyclable fibre lids across 150 stores.

The trial will kick off this summer, with the plan to extend to Costa Express machines later on in this year. They will be available across small, medium and large takeaway cup sizes.

The coffee shop chain said the new fibre lids had a carbon footprint up to 50% lower than the current polystyrene plastic ones. It changed the lining inside the takeaway cups to be made with plant-based plastic, rather than an oil-based plastic, last year.

It meant the cups had a 26% lower carbon footprint than Costa Coffee’s previous takeaway cups when recycled. The trial of the new fibre lids, however, will mean they are now made from 100% plant-based packaging.

The move will support the coffee shop chain’s mission in committing to halve carbon emissions per coffee serving by 2030, while reaching net zero by 2040.

“We are working simultaneously on three key areas within our packaging – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle,” said Costa Coffee global brand & sustainability director Deb Caldow. “Our aim is to encourage consumers to adapt reuse regularly, through offering reusable ‘rent a cup’ schemes and by rewarding consumers through an enhanced loyalty scheme, rewarding those opting to reuse.

“However, we know we need to come at this from all angles – and constantly improving single-use material options, as well as maximising cup collection and recycling, are all parallel priorities. Last year we launched takeaway cups made from 100% plant-based materials in major markets around the world and have plans to continue to improve the iconic Costa Coffee cup. We are now focusing on single-use lids, moving from polystyrene plastic lids to new fibre lids that are sustainably sourced, made from renewable material and are fully recyclable.

“We’re confident that the trial will show us that consumers are ready for the switch from plastic to fibre and that as the UK’s favourite and biggest coffee shop chain, we can make a huge difference in reducing the volume and impact of single-use, oil-based plastic on the environment. We hope other brands will join us in giving consumers easy ways to make more sustainable choices when enjoying their daily coffee.”