Jordans is overhauling its entire cereals portfolio by introducing more consistent pack designs, rationalising its sub-brands and reducing the number of lines in a bid to regain share lost to rivals such as Dorset Cereals.

Kicking off later this summer, the relaunch will initially bring new packaging, recipes and products to the Jordans muesli range, a move that will be backed by a £3m marketing campaign – its biggest investment to date.

Changes to Country Crisp and Frusli will follow in the autumn, with a revamp of its porridge and Crunchy Oats expected in the new year.

Welch admitted the Jordans range had “stagnated” and become “cluttered”. “We threw too much NPD at the market and put our support behind it, but not all of it stuck,” she said.

“This has meant that our core range has suffered. We want to focus on our core range again and tell a provenance and taste story. 

Dorset Cereals has done a good job and we want to do the same and rebuild Jordans’ heritage.”

Welch said Jordans had performed poorly compared with rivals such as Dorset Cereals over the past 12 months and that the overhaul would return the brand to its strong English roots.

The move will bring the company’s various muesli brands under one banner for the first time, to make the range easier to navigate.

The mueslis will be repackaged in boxes instead of bags, with some of the company’s Superfoods and Organic muesli lines being incorporated into the new muesli range. A new Fruity Fibre muesli will also be added.

The Superfoods brand, which Jordans launched in 2006, will eventually be scrapped, with the bestselling lines such as granola and porridge being incorporated into Jordans’ core ranges. Other lines, including Breakfast Flakes, will be dropped.

Press ads in 40 titles, plus a poster and sampling campaign, will support the muesli relaunch followed by another campaign for the remaining relaunches.