Source: Lidl

The plant sits on a site the size of approximately nine football pitches, according to Lidl

Lidl has opened its own bottling plant to supply its stores across Britain, in its latest step to streamline logistics.

The plant in Derby has a production capacity of 380 million bottles a year, according to Lidl. The facility will bottle water and produce a variety of soft drinks.

It is operated by MEG, a leading mineral water and soft drink manufacturer in Germany owned by Lidl parent the Schwarz Group.

The move would simplify transport logistics and reduce the distance the products travel to stores, thereby cutting costs and carbon emissions, Lidl said.

The plant has also created about 90 high-skilled jobs, according to the retailer.

It marks the first UK venture of MEG, which is part of Schwarz Produktion, the umbrella brand of the group’s production companies.

Supplies from the plant to Lidl stores across the country have already begun.

Lidl GB chief commercial officer Richard Bourns said the venture marked “a significant milestone in our commitment to improving efficiency, reducing our impact on the environment and providing our customers with great-quality products at the lowest possible prices”.

“Bringing production of this key product closer to home makes sense and aligns with Lidl GB’s vision of contributing positively to the local community and economy,” Bourns added.

Schwarz Produktion CEO Jörg Aldenkott said: “The inauguration of MEG Derby Ltd represents a pivotal moment for Schwarz Produktion. As our first venture in Great Britain, it underscores our commitment to sustainable growth.

“As one of the leading soft drink and mineral water manufacturers in Germany, we know investments like these pay off, and I can’t think of a better place to do it than in Great Britain.”

It follows the opening in September of a 1.2 million sq ft Lidl distribution centre in Luton, its biggest in the world, and its first to feature to automation.