Perfection is Thatchers Cider’s thing – in 2017 it memorably compared an “almost perfect” cider to a hot air balloon that could “almost fly”, showing the latter causing chaos.

Now it’s back with an animated ad that again focuses on the brand’s attention to detail. “Why grow eight varieties of apple when you can grow 458?” it asks, as a dog frolics through the farm. We also learn about the “apple spa” which makes “happy apples” (though it’s not clear how).

Anyway, the hot air balloon is back, flying normally this time, and dropping off big boss Martin Thatcher for “Friday, 12.30 tasting time”. Unsurprisingly, his pint gets the thumbs-up: Martin high fives the dog and settles in for the afternoon.

Ultimately, it’s this image – of a crystal-clear lunchtime pint in a sunny paradise – that lingers longer than the slightly hazy ‘perfection’ line.