Morrisons is boosting its world food range this week with an extra 2,000 products to embrace the greater diversity of ethnic groups living in Britain.

The retailer said the world foods market was worth about £1bn and that its new range would take up over 2.5km of space in its stores. The range will be tailored across the retailer’s estate to offer each store an individual range according to the demographic of its local community.

The range will be split into eight sub-categories: Eastern European, Mediterranean, Irish, Asian, Far Eastern, Kosher, African & Caribbean and Halal.

Morrisons said it had sought 60 new suppliers for the range, including African flour supplier Blue Bay and Cawoods, a Caribbean-style saltfish supplier.

“This is just the start. We have lots of new ideas and so have our suppliers. Customers will see a transformation of the range of world foods and we believe they will be able to do their weekly shop in one place,” said Morrisons lead world food buyer Noor Ali.

Morrisons is also planning a series of special events based around dates such as Chinese New Year and Ramadan, she added.