Source: Gold&Green

The brand has launched into Planet Organic

Finnish plant-based brand Gold&Green has launched what it claims is a “revolutionary” new meat alternative, called Pulled Oats.

It has launched two minces – in natural and tomato flavours – which are made with oats, yellow peas, faba beans, rapeseed oil and salt into Planet Organic in the UK. It already has a retail presence in its native Finland and the Netherlands (rsp: £3.99/175g).

The protein had “a unique, fibrous texture which absorbs flavours well and can be spiced to perfection” thanks to the mechanical process of pullling the oat fibres with legume proteins during manufacturing, said the brand. 

“The simple ingredients are sheared, heated, and baked together, resulting in a tasty high-quality protein.”

The packs contain approximately 30g protein per 100g, and no soy or additives.

The launch marked ”the next exciting step in our journey and our retail expansion into new markets around the world”, said Gold&Green exploration manager Sanna Antola.

“This is the start of something very exciting here in the UK and we are looking forward to realising our growth potential through some great retail partnerships.”

The NPD “does not try to mimic anything, it is a real plant-based alternative that stands on its own,” she added. “Oats are a true superfood with many proven health effects and minimal environmental impact.”