Hazy Day and Prior Life

Both beers have arrived in Tesco stores in 4x330ml packs

Greene King has added two new IPAs to its lineup of craft beers.

Hazy Day, a 4.3% abv “fruity” IPA and Prior Life, a 3.4% abv IPA, join Level Head session IPA and Flint Eye lager in the brewer’s craft beer portfolio, which relaunched in grocery in March 2023.

The Grocer last year revealed Greene King was planning to launch Prior Life, after the Suffolk-based brewer applied to register the term with the Intellectual Property Office in the UK.

Prior Life (rsp: £4.50/4x330ml) was an “eternally light” IPA with “mellow tropical notes and a citrus aroma”, Greene King said. Hazy Day (rsp: £5.50/4x330ml), meanwhile, was a “smooth, fruity hazy IPA, with orange, citrus and tropical notes”. 

Both beers have rolled into Tesco stores. 

Greene King said it had developed the duo after observing “the emerging appeal in Hazy IPAs” as well as “a consumer shift towards sessionable beers”.

“Taking insight from consumer trends, we worked with our brewers to craft two delicious beers with exciting stories to tell,” said Greene King managing director Matt Starbuck. “We can’t wait for people to enjoy the distinct flavours that will resonate with the modern-day craft drinker.”

Prior Life will also benefit from new duty rules that came into effect in August 2023, offering a lower rate of tax for beers up to and including 3.4% abv.

Beers in this bracket are taxed at £9.27 per litre of alcohol in the product, as opposed to £21.01 per litre of alcohol for beers of between 3.5% and 8.4% abv.

Since the change, brewers have flocked to release lower-alcohol beers.