Chickenless Tikka Curry, The Unbelievable ALT.

Source: Hain Daniels

It will roll out to the meat aisle

Hain Daniels is hoping to lure wavering meat-lovers to plant-based with a new brand called The Unbelievable Alt.

It has created a four-strong range of meat alternatives: Tender Chickenless Pieces, Tender Lambless Pieces, Tender Beefless Pieces and Mighty Beefless Pieces. They will roll out into the meat aisle at Tesco stores across the UK from 16 June (rsp: £3.39-£3.99/320g-400g).

The plant-based protein used is made from rehydrated textured soya protein and vegetable protein powder which is seasoned for flavour. Hain Daniels is also touting their high-protein credentials: per 100g serving, each SKU offers between 22g-26g.

The Unbelievable Alt  brand was “for meat-eaters” and Hain Daniels was “proud to have it sit alongside the real thing on meat aisles as we know it delivers – on taste, texture, nutritionals and on price”, said Hain Daniels chilled & frozen MD Nadine Maggi.

The supplier wanted to offer the market “something genuinely new” and had been working on the products, refining and testing recipes, for over two years, it said.

It had adopted a “zero-compromise” approach to product development to ensure it delivered a range “that even the most ardent meat fan will love”, added Maggi.

Each pack will offer two recipes Hain Daniels said would “guide and inspire consumers”. These include suggestions for classic favourites such as spaghetti bolognese and chickenless curry, as well as “more adventurous” options like a lambless tagine.