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Source: Inspired Vegan

The dressings are on a special promotion at Aldi

Atkins & Potts has added new dressings and gravies to its Inspired Dining roster of vegan condiments.

The new dressings are: Vegan Style Caesar Dressing and Honea Mustard Dressing (rsp: £2.99/250g-265g).

Vegan Style Caesar Dressing uses natural plant protein and cornflour, which is blended to create a “creamy taste and texture”, as well as vegan Worcester sauce and natural yeast billed as giving it a cheese flavour.

The Honea Mustard SKU is made with Inspired Vegan’s own recipe honey replacement, which took six months of blending herbs, botanicals and fruit concentrates to perfect.

The gravies – Wild Mushroom and Red Onion – come in a new 100% recyclable plastic pouch the brand said was notable in that it could withstand heat treatments such as pasteurisation, hot-fill and microwaving processes (rsp: £2.05/200g).

The dressings have rolled into Aldi and independents. However, in Aldi they have only been listed temporarily as part of its Veganuary Specialbuys range. The gravies have launched solely into independents. 

Atkins & Potts co-owner Nicola Young said the NPD added “flavour, colour and texture to everyday meal occasions”.

“We were influenced by the reality that there isn’t always time in a fast-paced 21st-century lifestyle to source and prepare every element of every meal every day.”

The brand has also added new 1kg foodservice pack sizes to its range of condiments, which include Bearnaise-style sauce, Horseradish Sauce, Hollandaise-style Sauce and Dill Mustard Sauce.