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Sainsbury’s to launch £1m incubator programme for black entrepreneurs

Sainsbury’s will pick nine successful applicants to receive a welcome grant of £20,000 each


Retail sector must ‘double down’ on diversity & inclusion, BRC says

The BRC’s latest ‘Tracking Progress on Diversity and Inclusion in UK Retail’ report showed that the sector “still has a long way to go”

male allies group

Women in Wholesale launches community for men to ‘become better allies’

A new survey conducted by the group found 90% of FWD members were interested in becoming better male allies

Mariam Jimoh

Oja’s Mariam Jimoh on the multicultural gap in grocery

Mariam Jimoh founded Oja in 2018 after growing tired of the lack of Nigerian food in British supermarkets. The delivery platform’s rapid rise since suggests she’s far from alone

black farmer carnival sausage

The Black Farmer launches limited edition Carnival sausage

The Carnival sausage aims to highlight Windrush Day, Jamaican independence’s 60th anniversary and the return of the Notting Hill Carnival

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Two Chicks launches Future Female Entrepreneur scheme to support next generation of talented women

The scheme, which launches on 15 June, will give women with entrepreneurial ambitions the opportunity to spend a day with an established female entrepreneur who has created her own business

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Brakes launches LGBTQ+ support network as Pride month begins

The new support network will consist of several ‘support champions’ who will assist employees with issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community

women in wholesale

Women in Wholesale launches new coaching academy for talented prospects

Participants will receive support to assess their strengths and examine areas for further development

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Improving diversity in food and drink: the inside track

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While companies in the food and drink industry might embrace a competitive spirit, there are some cross-industry issues, such as diversity and inclusion, where joining forces for the common good can benefit individuals and the industry alike.

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Women-built grocery brands need to be championed

As a female founder in this industry, I’ve had to fight my corner every step of the way, says Chika Russell, CEO of Chika’s Snacks

Waitrose checkout Partner

Gender pay gap: how are UK supermarkets making progress in 2022?

Just one retailer in the UK reports that the median amount earnt by women is equal to that of men 

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As female talent rises to the top in grocery, it’s an opportune time for our women’s power list

Would it be too reductive to single out 10 top women? Or should we shine a spotlight on the many powerful female leaders in food and drink, and the progress they represent?

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The 10 most powerful women in food, drink and grocery

The food industry is making some impressive leaps on gender equality – but some backwards steps too. Meet the women leaders across industry and government who are keen to keep smashing grocery’s glass ceilings

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Women in power: 'We need to change the industry from the inside'

“Page 3 calendars all over the walls. I didn’t know where to look. I’d be in a meeting room and there’d be 10 topless women on the wall”

Sainsburys aisle shopper

Sainsbury’s expands world foods offering to become ‘more inclusive’

The move will also see over 500 stores dedicate more space to world foods

Steve Murrells

Steve Murrells to leave Co-op as Shirine Khoury-Haq becomes its first female CEO

Murrells joined the Co-op in 2012, heading up its food business. He was named group CEO in March 2017


Boots to waive HRT prescription fee for staff in new menopause package

The move to support team members experiencing menopausal symptoms by removing prescription costs could help them save up to £224 per year, according to the retailer


Holland & Barrett rolls out ‘inclusive’ new name badges for staff

The new badges will feature information about staff members that is set to improve communication with shoppers 

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Supermarkets should abandon the practice of resetting to help disabled shoppers

There are an estimated 14 million disabled people in the UK, meaning more than three million disabled shoppers are disadvantaged by resetting

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This International Women’s Day, let’s reflect on progress made and challenges ahead

The female workforce still faces inequality at home and abroad, but women are also achieving amazing things in grocery