Nexba Kombucha

Nexba’s 1-litre kombucha products are now packaged in 100% r-PET

Nexba has joined forces with Devon-based water brand Tarka Springs to localise production of its one-litre bottles of kombucha.

Nexba’s production and packaging has shifted to Tarka Springs as part of a £2m investment that will enable Tarka’s spring water to be used in its drinks.

The investment comprised of a new building constructed to house a production line, mixing room and collections bay, Nexba said. 

Previously Nexba’s one-litre kombucha bottles were made in Australia and shipped in bulk to the UK. 

They are now made at Tarka Springs from 100% rPET, with production optimised to reduce energy consumption. On-site generated solar energy is used to run production and packaging, while all packaging material is sourced from UK manufacturers.

Nexba was “proud to be Aussie born and locally made,” according to CEO Troy Douglas.

The brand launched in the UK in 2018 and its bottled kombucha products are sold in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose, Booths and Holland & Barrett, as well as on Ocado and Amazon.

“Nexba is leading the charge in educating consumers about the good gut health and happiness benefits of kombucha,” said EMEA CEO David Wallwork. “Through our local partnership with Tarka Springs we are now able to bring our bestselling products to ever more customers.”

He added the partnership would enable Nexba to launch its rPET kombucha in 10 EU countries that already sell its canned kombucha and water kefir products.

“We’re delighted to partner with Nexba and support them as they build their brand and range,” said Tarka Springs MD Neil Folland. “Local high-quality production with minimal impact matters ever more to consumers and this investment will allow current and future products to be delivered more sustainably.”

Nexba’s canned products, which include nootropics, water kefir and energy drinks, are currently made in Poland.