In the latest part of our series on The Schweitzer Collection of the world’s top 50 food stores, we take a peek at the outlets worth visiting for their unique interiors, settings, architecture and atmosphere.

Searching for inspiration on store design? Look no further than The Schweitzer Collection, a selection of 50 food stores from across the world that every serious retailer, and food lover, should visit.

This list of amazing outlets has been pulled together by retail experts at Interstore | Schweitzer based on five criteria: product presentation, expertise & craftsmanship, atmosphere & interior, ready-to-eat offer; and omnichannel & digital innovation.

When it came to interiors and atmosphere, the experts looked for stores that had unique architecture, interior spaces and settings, such as those constructed from sustainable materials, located in an interesting area or demonstrating creativity and originality through their arrangement and layout.

From bustling markets to elegant food halls and sustainable supermarkets of the future, here are the stores worth visiting for their unique spaces.

Jagalchi Market – Busan, South Korea

Size: 4,841m sq Format: Street market

"Oiso! Boiso! Soiso!" (Come, see, buy) is all you can hear as you enter the largest fish market in South Korea. Spanning over 3km, it features an abundance of fresh fish and seafood, as well as live and dried varieties. A common practice is the "hwaleo hwe", or the tasting of living fish still in motion. The integration of gastronomy is best in class – customers usually purchase their own fish and have it cooked in the hundreds of restaurants located on the second floor. (Photographs: Grégoire Kaufman)


Isetan Shinjuku – Tokyo, Japan

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Size: 8,000m sq  Format: Depachika food hall 

Some say that for the best food in Tokyo, you need to go underground. And that's certainly true when it comes to department store Isetan Shinjuku's depachika (Japanese for underground food hall). This particularly opulent depachika takes you on a luxurious journey from walking among jamón ibérico hanging from the ceiling in the meat department to tasting free cavier samples from the Caviar House & Prunier. Try starting your gourmet tour at the sake bar and then make your way through to the food counters, where tasting yomogi (bagels) is a must, as well as heading to Kitchen Stage, a sit-down restaurant area that hosts a rotation of famous Tokyo chefs.


Kadewe Food Hall – Berlin, Germany

Size: 7,000m sq Format: Food hall

Filling the entire sixth floor of the iconic Kadewe department store, this legendary food hall has undergone a magnificent transformation into a modern temple of gastronomy, which can claim to be one of the best food halls in Europe, if not the world. It boasts a classy, elegant space, with some fantastic, cutting-edge food brands in residence. 


Loblaws – Toronto, Canada

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Size: 7,900m sq Format: Food hall

‘Never shop hungry' is advice that should be given to any shopper entering Loblaws' impressive site in the iconic Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. Spread over 7,900 sq m, this is larger-than-life food theatre at its best. Self-serve seafood, a grand wall of cheese, a wall of aging meat, a wall of cupcakes, a sushi bar and a broad variety of prepared food options make this unique store an incomparable destination – not only when it comes to delicious food but also from an architectural and atmospheric point of view. 



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Panzer's Deli – London, UK

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Size: 300m sq Format: Full service deli

London's original Jewish deli in St John's Wood has been serving up all manner of fine and rare global foods for several decades. A carefully managed store renovation has further enhanced its reputation, bringing Panzer's already unique offering into a world class store environment. On a visit here you can find arguably the city's best bagels, as well as browsing the tempting charcuterie and cheese counters, natural and kosher wines, exotic fruit and veg, guilty-pleasure American classics, excellent coffee, sushi, tahini cookies and more.


Rewe – Wiesbaden-Erbenheim, Germany

Size: 1,500m sq Format: Supermarket

Sustainability is becoming a big priority for shoppers, so it isn't surprising retailers are making it a major area of investment and rolling out sustainable store concepts. One of the best examples is Rewe in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim, Germany. Described by Rewe as a "supermarket of the future", it is built from timber with a glass roof farm and a unique vaulted structure, which incorporates a clever use of natural daylight to reduce energy consumption. It also uses intelligent cooling and heating technology, 100% green electricity and features sustainable outdoor areas such as a flowering meadow for insects. (Photographs: REWE Markt GmbH_Jürgen Arlt,


Casa Santa Luzia – Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Size: 800 sq m   Format: Premium supermarket

Almost 100 years old, Casa Santa Luzia is without a doubt the best gourmet supermarket in Brazil, a real amusement park for food lovers – even getting lost in the corridors of Santa Luzia is fun. Spread across two levels, it boasts a mouthwatering array of local and international luxury goods. You can find everything you need for that special meal, from foie gras to caviar, through to giant crab, Canadian scallops and all kinds of cuts of meat. Just wow.


SSG Food Market – Seoul, Korea

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Size: 4,000m sq Format: Premium fusion supermarket/food hall

SSG Food Market is a must-visit destination in Seoul if you are looking for an outstanding food experience. Opened by Emart hypermarkets, the leading business of South Korean retailer Shinsegae group, it is a sublime market with modern allure. Spanning 4,000 sq m, it brings together multiple offers and brands under one roof, enabling shoppers to get their weekly groceries while also dining at one of the many restaurants and cafés. The store design is timeless and elegant, and it boasts a bustling community atmosphere.