In the latest part of our series on The Schweitzer Collection of the world’s top 50 food stores, we take a peek at the stores worth visiting for their exemplary product presentation.

Searching for inspiration on store design? Look no further than The Schweitzer Collection, a selection of 50 food stores from across the world that every serious retailer, and food lover, should visit.

This list of amazing outlets has been pulled together by retail experts at Interstore | Schweitzer based on five criteria: product presentation, expertise & craftsmanship, atmosphere & interior, ready-to-eat offer and omnichannel & digital innovation.

When it came to product presentation, the experts looked for stores that “engaged in visual storytelling, with the product as a protagonist”.

The originality and effectiveness of the product presentation was crucial, as was the communication with the customer, the product mix and the impact and creativity of the display design. They also sought out stores that mixed various functions under one roof, or brought together a carefully curated group of food specialists.

So which stores are worth a visit to see their product presentation? 

Carrefour Market – Milan, Italy

Size:  3,200m sq Format:  Premium supermarket

Italy is synonymous around the world with good food. And this store in the country’s fashion mecca, Milan, doesn’t disappoint. Fresh produce is skilfully displayed on table counters, which take centre stage to create a real sense of food market theatre. Overall, the store has a wonderfully subtle and simple design, bringing a timeless modern look and ambience to the market setting. In brief, it’s a must-see – and worth a trip to Milan to visit this store alone. (Photographer: Daniel Horn)


Central Food Hall – Ladprao, Bangkok, Thailand

Size:  4,370m sq Format: Food hall

Visit Bangkok for this one-of-a-kind food experience. Covering a total floor space of 4,370m sq, this is a store for local and international food connoisseurs alike. Featuring a vast assortment of international and Thai delicacies, the Central Eatery is where the magic happens, with open show kitchens and varied menus. Surrounding it are impactful fresh departments including a German butcher, French cheesemonger and Austrian baker – all boasting outstanding product presentation. There is also an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as sushi and charcuterie counters. (Photographer: Micha Schulte)


Dallmayr – Munich, Germany

Size:  300-600m sq Format:  Gourmet deli

Dallmayr is the largest delicatessen business in Europe and one of the best-known German coffee brands. Its only store is located in the centre of Munich and embodies the outstanding quality of the products it produces and distributes globally. Since adding a restaurant and café-bistro, Dallmayr has become one of the city’s biggest destinations for dining and food shopping. The classic interior shows this established brand understands timeless quality never goes out of fashion. (Photographer: Daniel Horn)


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Dunnes Cornerscourt – Dublin, Ireland

Size:  4,000m sq Format:  Food hall

Dunnes in Ireland has radically overhauled its stores in recent years, and this 4,000m sq food market at Cornelscourt Shopping Centre in south Dublin is a great example. Its fresh department gathers a collection of famous Irish food specialists under one roof for a truly excellent shopping experience. Alongside Dunnes’ high-quality own-brand ranges, shoppers can browse produce from the Alternative Bread Company, Sheridans Cheesemongers, Baxter & Greene and James Whelan butchers, all wonderful culinary examples in their own right. (Photographer: Daniel Horn)


Edeka Weserpark – Bremen, Germany

Size:  6,420m sq Format: Hypermarket

This 6,420m sq store from Edeka Minden will challenge all of your preconceptions about hypermarkets. The usual colour blocking and generic departments have been replaced by theatrical branded areas, inspiring shoppers to explore each and every corner. Look out for the stunning Jungle Juice Bar and the wide selection of cold cuts and cheeses available at the sumptuous Amore Deli. (Photographer: Love Weber)


Farm Boy – Queens Quay Terminal, Toronto, Canada

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Size:  1,800m sq Format:  Supermarket

Living in the big city and missing the special atmosphere of farm shops? Toronto has its own downtown solution with this harbourfront supermarket by Farm Boy. From the furniture to the layout and extensive product range, everything is inspired by an old-school, homely farm shop look and feel. The stunning fresh range is a visual highlight and effectively presented on wooden counters and shelves. The Ottowa-born brand’s speciality is locally sourced produce, Canadian-raised meats and hundreds of private-label products. The store’s privately labelled chocolate chip cookies are highly recommended.


Globus G1 – Zurich, Switzerland

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Size: 1,000m sq Format:  Food hall

The food hall delicatessen in Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, or ‘the Deli’ as the locals call it, is a must-see destination. Spacious, with a warm atmosphere and natural, well-arranged look, it sports a unique lighting concept that gives the store and its product range a truly inviting appeal. Major effort was put into the choice of materials, with the oak wood for the floor and natural stone and oak for the furniture adding to the homely yet modern ambience. 


La Fromagerie – London, UK

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Size:  250m sq Format: Speciality fine food store

At La Fromagerie they don’t just sell cheese, they live it. This award-winning cheesemonger has an astounding array of cheeses alongside an exquisitely curated selection of fresh groceries and homeware. The store in Marylebone is the one to visit. Arranged across a series of interconnected rooms, it boasts an intimate atmosphere and can be booked for a group dinner or cheese and wine tasting, with the senior cheesemonger offering an exploration of ‘terroir’ in cheese. 


Perekrestok – Moscow, Russia

Size:   2,000m sq Format:  Supermarket

Part of the X5 group, this Perekrestok supermarket is a standout example of textbook fresh food retailing for a store of its size. Offering extensive fresh and food-to-go convenience ranges, it is arranged over 20,000 sq ft and provides two shopping paths: short and long, with ‘magnet’ categories positioned to compliment the overall shopping experience. Beautifully lit and with a strong design personality, the store delivers on its promise to answer the needs of today’s customer. 


Rob the Gourmets’ Market – Brussels, Belgium

Size:   2,000m sq Format: Supermarket

Some journalists describe Belgium as the ‘Land of Plenty’ – and we think that’s a fitting description for Rob the Gourmets’ market in Brussels. With a tradition spanning over 70 years, the store is an upscale food emporium featuring produce from all over the world. For those with a sweet tooth, the delicious pasteis de nata are a must among a broad selection of sweet treats. More than 300 different kinds of cheese, fresh fish and meat, exotic as well as local fruits and veggies and over 1,600 wine labels also stand out among a myriad of delicacies. A food heaven. (Photographer: Daniel Horn)


Selgros – Warsaw, Poland

Size:   9,000m sq Format:  Cash & carry

This cash & carry concept from German retailer Selgros goes some way to challenge any conceptions that the format is only for stack-’em-high palettes. Drawing inspiration from gourmet food specialists, it uses its scale and architecture effectively, providing a hefty sense of food theatre within the boundaries of the cash & carry efficiency model. Very clever. (Photographer: Daniel Horn)


Sobeys – Toronto, Canada

Size:  3,200m sq Format: Supermarket

Sobeys of Canada launched this impressive next-generation supermarket in Orangeville – and its wonderfully executed array of specialist fresh food departments is well worth a visit. This store is a fantastic example of how to do the basics well, bringing the everyday supermarket experience boldly into the modern age. The unique lighting systems, which were custom-designed for each area to provide superb product presentation across the store, are particularly noteworthy. (Photographer: Moritz Holzinger)