An app that describes itself as the ‘Google Maps of sustainable shops’ has launched in London.

The Ganddee app features a curated selection of more than 500 retailers deemed sustainable based on self-declared and third-party verified data.

As the app grows it is hoped users – or ‘Ganddizens’ – will review the stores featured and provide reviews of their sustainable practices.

“For example, if a shop self-proclaimed to be ‘very planet-friendly’ but Ganddizens realise they leave the door open all day in the middle of winter, and use a lot of plastics in the shop and so on, they can submit a review flagging that the shop wasn’t what they expected it to be,” said Ganddee CEO and founder Antoine Rondelet.

“We’d like Ganddee to be community driven – a bit like Waze is for driving,” he added.

Among the grocers on the app are Planet Organic, and several independent refill and bulk buy stores.

Rondelet said the app’s ambition was to “bring sustainability to the masses” and launch in cities around the world.

“There are a lot of misconceptions around sustainable consumption,” he said. “Many people think it comes with a premium and associate it with shops like Whole Foods, thinking consuming better is a luxury. It is not true. Consuming sustainably is generally cheaper. Buying second hand items, food from local farmers’ market, renting/sharing goods, are all cost-efficient ways of consuming more sustainably.

“At a time when climate change is increasingly being felt around the world and when people are crushed by inflation, Ganddee empowers consumers to make every purchase matter, saving time, money and the planet,” Rondelet added.