Tesco delivery van

Tesco wins the online 33 for the second time this year, with 86 points. The search function worked “quickly” and navigation was “easy”. Our shopper, who has coeliac disease, liked being able to “click on everything” to find useful labelling but was frustrated there were three unavailable items.

Ocado’s order was “speedy with no inconvenience” with “user friendly” navigation. Its “very helpful” search bar auto-predicted products and then suggested alternatives.

Morrisons’ website was “very easy to navigate and logical” and it scored top marks on availability as all products were in stock. There were no substitutions either. However, it dropped points due to the time slot requested not being available and because the driver was 13 minutes early.

Our online shopper for Asda loved the fact there were “full, nutritional values clearly next to the product” but she disliked that she was unable to order all the products in the basket as four items were either unavailable or substituted.

Sainsbury’s driver offered to load items directly into the fridge for our shopper, who is a wheelchair user. She thought it was a “pity” products could not be searched by allergens and that the shop “used far more bags than I would have wanted”.

Waitrose had issues with its site, adding all our shopper’s previous orders, which temporarily brought the total to £1,000! During this two-hour process our shopper called customer services twice and was “guided through a process” that cleared most of the extra items.