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Moth grocery manager Ethan Hogan (left) and co-founder Rob Wallis

Winner: Moth

Moth is small in the scheme of drinks sales. But it’s having a big impact on a growing market: RTDs.

Moth’s bar-strength tinned cocktails – made using booze from award-winning distillers – have driven up the average price of RTDs, and inspired a swathe of copycat brands, while also taking market share from deeper-pocketed competitors.

In doing so Moth has established itself as the clear market leader, now holding a 70% share of the ‘super-premium’ RTD segment and accounting for 73% of all margarita sales in UK grocery.

As a result sales have swelled by triple digits to nearly £9m in 2023, bolstered by new listings and increased distribution across the major mults – it’s now available in 3,500 outlets nationwide, including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons. One can is bought every 10 seconds in the UK.

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An out-of-home push, sampling drive, savvy promotions in retail and the introduction of a margarita multipack all contributed to a boom in sales over Moth’s key summer trading period in 2023.

Brand awareness, meanwhile, has also been boosted by listings with British Airways, Hoxton Hotels, Chelsea Football Club, and a presence at various summer music festivals.

In November, Moth also took its first steps towards winning overseas markets with a listing in Total Wine stores across Florida in the US.


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