Modern Baker Superloaf

Winner: Modern Baker Superloaf

Proof that any category can leverage the functional food trend, this SUPERLOAF from Modern Baker reflects five years of leading-edge scientific research to create a ‘smart’ loaf that claims it can help tackle the obesity crisis. It’s a bold ambition, but formulated to help optimise gut health and insulin levels, as well as boost fibre intake, all with a significantly lower calorie load than similar products, the SUPERLOAF is a superb example of how clever science-backed tweaks to everyday products can carve out a real USP. It’s only the start too, with a 20 plus strong range set to follow in early 2022.

Judges called this launch a superb innovation that really brings something new to the category in packaging which clearly explains its USP and stands out from the pack. Most importantly, though, they said the bread itself was delicious.

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