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Cleaning brands innovating on fragrance have seen growth in value

Some of the shine has come off the surface care sector. After a bumper 2020, it’s down 8.8% in value to £410.7m.

As pandemic-driven cleaning has eased, Brits have returned to more normal buying habits. As such, top three Dettol, Flash and Cif have all declined by a combined £25.6m.

Nevertheless, there’s still opportunity for brands to grow value via innovation in “fragrance, format and claims” says NielsenIQ senior insights executive Jennifer Vieira. Take Method, the only top five brand in growth thanks to its “premium fragrance offerings”.

Likewise in toilet care, “key brands continue to innovate on fragrance and claims” Vieira adds. As such, Bloo, which offers perfumed, anti-limescale gels, has performed ahead of the market with a 2.3% value rise.


Not that antibacterial products are old news. Vieira expects to see ongoing demand. After all, our Top Launch from P&G (below) trades on this premise. Others are doing the same. Cedo claimed a UK first in November with its Good Karma antibacterial bin bags, and Ocean Saver says its AntiBac EcoDrops remain one of its strongest performers.

In fact, the brand has seen volume growth across the whole EcoDrops range, despite “range change delays, longer lead times for raw materials and freight challenges”.

Top Launch 2021

Microban 24 | P&G

MB APC citrus

As its name suggests, Microban 24 promises 24-hour protection from bacteria. Vowing to kill “99.9% of bacteria and select viruses, including Covid-19”, the range landed in February to capitalise on the pandemic cleaning boom. It comprises Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner and Disinfectant Spray – all in Fresh and Citrus scents. Featuring “active antibacterial ingredients to create multilayered protection”, it’s P&G’s “most significant launch in the UK for over a decade” says the supplier.

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