Waitrose wine display

Waitrose wine display

Waitrose is ditching glass bottles across its range of small wines, and will instead switch to aluminium cans.

From 15 January, most of its mini wines – typically servings below 250ml – will be sold in aluminium cans.

It applies to all small wine formats, except prosecco, cava, champagne and rioja, which will continue to be sold in glass bottles due to appellation restrictions, Waitrose said.

Barry Dick MW, Waitrose’s bulk sourcing manager for beer, wines and spirits, said the change will enable customers to try new varieties without worrying about wastage or cost.

“Aluminium cans weigh significantly less than glass and create less than half the amount of CO2 than the equivalent single-use glass bottle. Cans can also be recycled an infinite number of times,” Dick said.

The grocer estimates the switch could help save over 300 tonnes of glass packaging. It sold nearly three million small bottles of still and sparkling wine last year.

Canned wines are growing in popularity as an alternative to glass for sustainability reasons, but also as a way of appealing to a younger demographic of drinkers. In May 2022, Hardys launched a trio of canned wines – a Rosé, Chardonnay and Shiraz.

“We know more people are buying their drinks in canned formats, from cocktails on the go to craft beer, which is why making this shift in our wine category makes so much sense,” Dick added.

Waitrose’s new canned range will include:

  • Most Wanted Sauvignon Blanc
  • Most Wanted Malbec
  • When in Rome Abruzzo
  • When in Rome Pinot Grigio
  • Terre di Faiano Primitivo
  • JP Chenet Pinor Noir
  • JP Chenet Colombard/Chardonnay
  • Hardys Shiraz
  • Hardys Chardonnay
  • Celliers de Dauphins CDR
  • Beefsteak Malbec
  • Tiki Ridge Sauvignon Blanc
  • Bijou Horizon Grenache Rosé
  • Mirabeau Rosé
  • IGO Organic Wine
  • IGO Organic Rosado
  • IGO Organise Red
  • The Uncommon Bubbly Rosé
  • The Uncommon Bubbly White.