Walkers is facing an investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) following complaints from the public about its latest crisp advertising campaign.
The ASA confirmed that it had received a handful of calls from consumers objecting to the brand’s current posters, which feature the brand’s regular frontman Gary Lineker.
Callers said the ads were
“irresponsible” because they portrayed crisps as a healthy snack. The posters form part of a £20m marketing investment, highlighting a healthier reformulation with lower levels of saturated fat and salt. Activity flags up the fact that a packet of Walkers crisps contains the same amount of salt as a slice of bread and less saturated fat than half a chocolate digestive biscuit.
TV ads showing Lineker in a straight-talking, nice guy role hit the small screen last week.
A spokesman for Walkers said the company had received no complaints. “The ads simply put crisps into context alongside other popular foods,” he added.