The Grocer Vision


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the shopping experience profoundly, forcing grocery retailers to place a new focus on hygiene, adapt their stores, and invest heavily online. The response has been radical and effective, with rewards to match.

With restrictions in a state of flux across the UK and much of the world, shopping is continuing to change. So what will determine which retailers and brands succeed or fail?

This report by The Grocer Vision and private brand specialist Daymon will examine how shoppers’ experience will change as the pandemic develops, revealing how the grocery sector can make the most of it.

Whether in store, browsing online in the office or checking a smartphone app on the go, retailers will have to rethink how stores are designed, what formats are stocked, and what concessions can draw shoppers in. All this must be accomplished with an eye on safety, costs, and availability, as well as new consumer interest health, sustainability and brand values.

By putting shoppers’ experience at the heart of any innovation, grocery retailers and brands can succeed.

Download the full report below to find out more.

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