Lowe Rental has been working side-by-side with the retail and refrigeration industries for over 40 years. During this time Lowe has witnessed a significant advancement in the technology used in integral refrigeration. The new generation of integrals now offer display and operating characteristics on par with their remote counterparts, tackling old limitations such as heat egress, noise and inefficiencies. Lowe’s technical experts are now seeing a growing number of integrals address traditional issues and deliver energy efficiencies that supersede those of the remote system.

In order to support these findings, Lowe commissioned an independent study on the energy efficiency of integral cabinets vs remote systems, by Professor Judith Evans and her team at Refrigeration, Developments & Testing (RD&T). The findings are reported in this study and show that 5 out of the top 5 integral cabinets are up to 15% more energy efficient than their remote equivalents.

This whitepaper also challenges the historical trend towards the outright purchase of refrigeration systems by analysing the financial and operational benefits of Long-Term Rental..


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