BIDFOOD Interactive Care Home

Users can click on elements on each room to find out more about key topics in care homes

Bidfood has launched a new immersive platform called Interactive Care Home to offer support tools to care customers at a challenging time for the sector.

The platform contains 75 interactive elements including videos, product guides and Bidfood’s free e-learning bites, divided in six digital user-friendly rooms.

Users can click on elements of each room, such as the counter, kettle or kitchen table, and unlock informative material in an interactive way.

Each room represents one of six key areas of UK care homes: room, lounge, dining room, kitchen, office and garden.

Bidfood’s initiative is motivated by the current challenges to the sector, including tightening budgets, rising food costs and limited resources affecting 16,000 care homes UK-wide.

The platform was created in collaboration between Bidfood’s chef development, marketing, e-commerce and technical service teams.

“We are thrilled to have launched this latest campaign for the sector”, said Gavin Squires, Bidfood business development controller for education and healthcare.

“Our aspiration is for this platform to become the go-to industry source, where all care homes can access a comprehensive overview of the support readily available for their care home from Bidfood.

“We aim for it to be a place for thought leadership, product innovation, and trailblazing content. The Interactive Care Home has been developed to become an integral tool for our customers as well as an innovative showcase to all care homes.”