Red salmon prices up
Retail canned fish sales continue to show year-on-year growth in spite of escalating prices due to raw material inflation.
IRI figures for the year to September show that by volume, pilchards are up 12.9%, mackerel 12.7% and sardines 1.8%.
Continuing multibuy activity in red salmon has pushed volumes up by 16% year-on-year.
Higher new season prices, caused by a complete Canadian failure, will be coming through in the run up to Christmas. Both 213g and 418g can sizes will feature in promotions, but last year’s price of £1.99 for 213g will be a distant memory, with prices set to break into the £2.40 territory.

Mandarins pricier
Chinese mandarin orange producers have warned of price rises due to storm damage in Zhejiang Province. Growers anticipate a price hike of 15%, with a fruit shortfall of 30% compared with last year. Spain, the largest canned mandarin supplier to the UK, is anxious to retain its market share and is pressing Brussels for protection against competition from China.

Pineapples rejected
Dry weather in Thailand has caused higher than normal nitrate levels in fresh pineapple, leading to increased rejection rates at canneries. UK importers have been warning of higher prices next year.

Olives down 25%
Olive prices are set to rise as Mediterranean olive producers warn of a dramatic drop in olive production due to the drought presently experienced in the region. Spain, the largest of the table olive producers, is witnessing the biggest percentage decrease of 29.1% on 2004/2005.
Forecast production of table olives for all Mediterranean countries for 2005/2006 is 541,000 tonnes, down 24.9% on the year before and 27.4% on the year before that.
However, in Morocco, from which major brand Crespo also sources, the table olive crop looks much more favourable.