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Source: Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food Foundation

Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Foundation will receive a £450,000 annual investment by the Jamie Oliver Group, starting this year.

The recurring investment will implement a new circular funding model, aiming to positively affect a million lives by 2030.

The foundation has announced an additional 24-site rollout this year, reaching over 40,000 people across the UK.

The Ministry of Food was created by Oliver in 2009 to address a ”lack of government prioritisation” in food education.

The programme brings food education to schools across the UK in the shape of lessons on cooking healthy meals from scratch, easy recipes, key cooking techniques and nutrition.

The foundation has impacted over 100,000 children in early education across the UK since its establishment.

“Fifteen years of the Ministry of Food and a quarter of a century of Jamie’s social impact work is such an exciting opportunity for people to acknowledge and celebrate the power and importance of grass-roots education,” said Alison Cornfield, head of social impact and sustainability at Jamie Oliver.

“We are thrilled as a business to be making a sizable donation every year to the Ministry of Food Foundation – bringing our social impact arm into the main body of The Jamie Oliver Group.

“We aim to reach a million lives by 2030 and are really excited to get more schools and sites on board.”

Joining the existing 27 community sites and 43 schools, the 24 new sites will introduce the programme across Glasgow, Preston, Cambridge, and Plymouth, among others.

To further celebrate its 15th anniversary, the foundation has also announced a new partnership with Food for Life on its Plant and Share campaign, focused on sowing and growing plants and vegetables to support the wider aim of making good food available to everyone.