Milliways gum

Source: Milliways

The 100% biodegradable and sugar-free gum is available in four flavours: Peppermint, Bubblemint, Watermelon and Mighty Mint

Plastic-free chewing gum brand Milliways has secured its first major supermarket listing with Sainsbury’s.

Two variants – Peppermint and Bubblemint – have rolled into Sainsbury’s Local stores, with a view to launch the products into the retailer’s larger stores in the future, Milliways founder Tom Raviv told The Grocer.

“Making Milliways available in Sainsbury’s to consumers across the country is a huge step to leading innovation and change across the industry, and demonstrates that the urgent need for plastic-free, plant-based chewing gum is being recognised by retailers and consumers alike,” Raviv said.

The initial listing in Sainsbury’s Local stores was “fantastic”, he added, because the c-stores tended to be located near high street chains where the brand was already stocked, including Pret, Costa and WH Smith.

“Having an opportunity to get into well-located and accessible stores like Sainsbury’s just gets our brand out there and gets the message out there too,” Raviv said.

“Distribution is super-important. Gum is such a habitual and impulsive product.”

A former banker, Raviv launched Milliways in 2021 with the hope of taking on some of the traditional, plastic-based gum brands dominating the market. 

The 100% biodegradable and sugar-free chewing gum comprises eight naturally derived ingredients: sapodilla tree chicle sap, natural flavourings, xylitol, stevia, gum arabic, vegetable glycerine, magnesium stearate and ethically and sustainably sourced carnauba wax. It is available in four variants: Peppermint, Bubblemint, Watermelon and Mighty Mint. 

Milliways raised £1m in October 2021 to fund its expansion. Among the investors was Leon Amram, a co-owner of Intergum, which was sold to Cadbury Schweppes in 2007.