Ben's Original rice pouches

Source: Mars Food

The 250g rice pouches are being replaced with 220g ones in the mults

Mars has shrunk the size of its Ben’s Original rice pouches by 12% to mitigate soaring input costs.

Its 250g pouches are being gradually replaced with 220g ones in the mults.

A spokesman for Mars Food confirmed the move, stating the manufacturer was “experiencing significant cost increases across our raw materials and operations”.

“We have been absorbing these rising costs for some time, but the growing pressures we are facing mean more needs to be done.

“While it has been a difficult decision to decrease the weight of our ready-to-heat pouches, we believe we are still providing nutritious, great-tasting, quality products that offer value for money,” he said.

Mars confirmed that rsps had remained the same, despite the shrinking pack sizes. 

At the time of writing, the smaller packs were listed at the same shelf price as the old 250g formats in Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

In Morrisons, for instance, the 250g Long Grain pouches – which were £1 – have been replaced with 220g ones at the same price.

The 250g Long Grain pouches were listed in Tesco for 99p. They have been replaced with 220g alternatives, which are also 99p.

Ben’s Original 250g Wholegrain pouches, meanwhile, were £1 in Sainsbury’s. They have been replaced by 220g ones at the same shelf price.

“We do not comment on retail pricing,” said the Mars spokesman. “Retail pricing remains at the sole discretion of the retailer.”

A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said: “While prices can go up and down for a range of reasons, we’re committed to offering our customers great choice and value when they shop with us.”

The Grocer has approached Morrisons and Tesco for comment.

It comes after Mars Wrigley cut the size of its Twix multipacks and Maltesers sharing packs last year amid soaring production costs.