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Coco pops straws
belgium & france
In recent years manufacturers of breakfast cereals have been keen to branch out beyond their core market to create new eating occasions for their products.
Cereal bars have been the most successful example, having made a significant impact on the snacking market.
Cereal suppliers have also tried to break into the snacks market in other ways, with mini bags of cereals presented as an alternative to potato or corn-based snacks.
Kellogg is now trying a new approach with the launch of Kellogg’s Coco Pops Straws, targeted specifically at children.
Available in Belgium and France, the newcomer consists of hollow cereal straws with a coating on the inside of chocolate and hazelnut.
The product itself is similar in appearance to other tube-shaped biscuits, but the positioning of this new line is quite different. Coco Pops Straws are designed to be placed into a glass of milk and used like a traditional drinking straw, to consume the milk while adding the flavour of chocolate and hazelnut.
Although its positioning is unique, the product cleverly stays within familiar territory - the idea of the Kellogg’s Coco Pops brand being associated with cereal, chocolate and, of course, milk. It also combines the healthy drink - milk - with a snack - the straw.
Information on the back of the pack suggests that it is an ideal way of consuming milk at breakfast, or as a snack, and it seems to be a highly convenient yet fun solution to both occasions.
Kellogg’s Coco Pops Straws are sold in a 375g box of 36 straws, priced at around £1.90. This is a relatively high initial outlay, but reasonable given that one pack will provide straws for 36 glasses of milk.
The product is also enriched with vitamins, like the original cereal, offering another advantage over many children’s sweet biscuits.