Jempson's instore 2

Source: iSqueeze

The self-service machine produces freshly prepared pineapple on the store premises

Independent retailer Jempson’s is debuting iSqueeze’s new pineapple slicer at its store in Rye.

Launching this week, the self-service machine produces freshly prepared pineapple on the store premises to “guarantee the freshest quality”, which is then served in a recyclable cardboard box.

In 15 seconds, the machine cuts off the crown, removes the peel and core of the pineapple, then cuts it into either slices, chunks or sticks, as chosen by the consumer.

The machine, which has been dubbed Isla, can also adapt to varying pineapple sizes, meaning retailers and customers can get the most out of each fruit, said iSqueeze.

Jempson’s is selling a 600g pineapple for £3.49 with the slicing equipment. Once prepared, the fruit is ready to eat or can be refrigerated for up to three days.

“We are excited to be the first retailer to offer self-service fresh pineapple in-store prepared using the new Isla machine, which we know will be popular with customers who like convenience but don’t want to compromise on nutritious and high-quality foods,” said Jempson’s operations manager Neil Sheppard.

“iSqueeze complements our drive to keep innovation and good-value fresh food at the heart of what we do. The hands-on team have also made the installation process seamless.”

iSqueeze MD Elias Ebert said: ‘‘Adding the new Isla machine to the iSqueeze portfolio means we are the first to be able to offer consumers the unique experience to prepare and eat freshly sliced pineapple as part of their shopping experience which is ready to eat anywhere.

“The launch into retail continues iSqueeze’s mission of providing health for the nation with self-service technology to provide the highest quality and freshest fruit products on the market.”

iSqueeze also offers juicing machines with orange and pomegranate flavours, as well as slush machines and blenders.

The company recently debuted the pomegranate flavour for its juicing machines in Central Co-op stores.

Machines can be bought outright, or customers can opt for a contract-hire deal including full maintenance cover.