Andrews Liver Salts

Source: Haleon

The product was first manufactured by William Henry Scott and William Murdoch Turner in 1894

Andrews Original Salts are being sold for as much as £73 per pack on eBay after disappearing from supermarket shelves late last year.

Live listings of the discontinued 150g tubs hosted on the online marketplace had received bids for £25 and £35 respectively at the time of writing, despite having passed their expiration dates.

Previous sellers have sold the same product for as much as £73.35 per unit – more than 14 times the price they were previously listed at in Tesco and Morrisons, at £5.

Andrews Original Salts, also known as Andrews Liver Salts, are a form of magnesium carbonate antacid that provides relief from stomach upsets and abdominal discomfort when taken with water.

They were first manufactured by William Henry Scott and William Murdoch Turner in 1894, and named after St Andrew’s Church, which was close to the Scott & Turner offices in Newcastle.

In 1909, Scott & Turner registered the brand name as a trademark and began to export them across the globe.

A spokeswoman for Andrews owner Haleon (formerly GSK Consumer Healthcare) told The Grocer that “the manufacturing site for Andrews Salts 150g and 250g tubs has indicated that it is no longer possible to continue production of these products”.

“Haleon has worked hard to find alternative means of production but has been unable to find a workable solution.

“The regrettable outcome is that we have had to discontinue the Andrews Original Salt products from sale,” she said.

Research by The Grocer using Assosia data reveals that both formats of the product had disappeared from shelves at the traditional big four supermarkets by early November [52 w/e 18 June 2024].