Lidl_2022 Christmas Advert_2

Source: Lidl

The bear attracts attention wherever it goes thanks to the shrunken Lidl Christmas jumper

Lidl has debuted its 2022 Christmas ad, featuring a teddy bear that becomes an accidental celebrity thanks to a shrunken jumper.

The 60-second ad begins as a dad accidentally shrinks a Lidl Christmas jumper in the wash and his daughter decides to put it on her bear.

The straight-faced bear then attracts attention wherever it goes and shoots to stardom, with all its distractions, before wondering when it will again see its owner.

In what could be seen as a swipe at Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot, Lidl has promised the bear “absolutely won’t be on sale” in its stores.

The ad is due to air tonight (4 November) on ITV during Coronation Street, following shorter teasers this week on social media and TV.