Irn-Bru has never been particularly bothered about ascribing a taste to its orange-coloured drink, telling us for years that it was “made from girders”.

But in its new ad it’s exploring the idea that Irn-Bru fans do have opinions about its flavour. And to do so, it’s utilised the classic western genre. In a saloon, a thirsty cowboy relishes the “bubblegum” taste – before he’s contradicted by another, who reckons it’s “tutti fruitti”. There is an almighty – and surprisingly violent! – brawl, in which, as they duff each other up, everyone expresses an opinion. Even a couple of (Scottish) horses tied up outside have their say.

The ad affectionately sends up the western, ending with a lone hero uniting the crowd – well, most of them – in acknowledgement that the drink is “magic”.

It’s classic Irn-Bru anarchism, which translates well to a grander scale than it usually uses.