Incoming HFSS laws are causing major upheaval across the grocery sector. Every HFSS brand must now weigh up whether to innovate, reformulate, or stick to what it is doing. For many, change is now essential, meaning brands are rethinking their products and innovating towards healthier ranges. Here are a few examples

Shore Sweet Sriracha seaweed chips

Source: Shore

Shore siracha seaweed chips

Launch date: June 2022  Manufacturer: Shore

“One of the big challenges in snacking is how to deliver taste while being HFSS-compliant,” recognises Shore joint MD Keith Paterson. For Shore, the solution lies in the form of seaweed – buckets of the stuff, hand collected on the beaches of Scotland. This allows it to achieve HFSS compliance by scoring top marks on vegetable content, without any change in flavour profile. The crisps are due to roll out to 174 Morrisons stores in June.

KP Sharing Line-up

KP range

Launch date: Throughout 2022  Manufacturer: KP Snacks

KP Snacks plans to reformulate brands including Tyrrells, Popchips and Hula Hoops ahead of the HFSS clampdowns. The KP nuts brand is exempt from the legislation but will become a focus of attention once the laws are in place. KP claims that by October, over 100 SKUs and a quarter of the KP Snacks portfolio will be non-HFSS, “making it one of the most comprehensive non-HFSS ranges available within the crisps, nuts and snacks category”.

Oppo Strawberry cheesecake

Source: Oppo

Oppo ice cream

Launch date: April 2022  Manufacturer: Oppo Brothers

Ice cream may be one of the tricky foods to reformulate, but Oppo is trying to lead the way with its ‘healthy’ non-HFSS products. Oppo claims the tubs have 60% fewer calories and sugar than regular ice cream, and contain up to 88 calories less per 100ml. Oppo was founded to “create feelgood indulgence without compromising health or planet”, and claims to have saved six billion calories from consumers’ diets since 2014.

Untitled design (48)

Kettle Bread Bites

Launch date: Throughout 2022  Manufacturer: Kettle Foods

Inspired by different bread varieties and flavours from around the world, Kettle’s HFSS-compliant Bread Bites landed in Morrisons in March and Tesco in April (rsp: £2.09/120g). The triple-baked snacks come in three variants: Focaccia Bites with Sea Salt, Rosemary & Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Naan Bites with Spiced Onion Bhaji with Chilli & Toasted Onion; and Sourdough Bites with Parmigiano Reggiano & Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Walkers 45� Less Salt Range

Walkers crisps

Launch date: March 2022  Manufacturer: PepsiCo

Walkers launched its HFSS-compliant crisps last month with “nearly half the salt”, marking the brand’s first fully non-HFSS range. Walkers claimed the snacks had “performed strongly in consumer taste-testing”, with eight out of 10 consumers stating its Mild Cheese & Onion flavour “exceeded expectations”. The launch is being supported with a multimillion-pound marketing campaign across in-store activations, TV and digital advertising.

Mushroom, Sloppy Joe & Chicken Sizzler Range Shot

Goodfella’s pizza trio

Launch date: March/April 2022  Manufacturer: Goodfella’s

More than half of Goodfella’s existing range is already non-HFSS. But that hasn’t stopped the frozen pizza brand from launching more compliant products. Its new Stonebaked Thin Sloppy Joe and Deep Pan Baked Spicy Chicken Sizzler pizzas are now available in Iceland, while Stonebaked Thin Mushroom, Spinach & Garlic landed in Sainsbury’s in March (rsp: £2.50).

Untitled design (63)

Golden Wonder Ringos Puffs

Launch date: May 2022  Manufacturer: Tayto Group

As well as reformulating its ‘fun snacks’ brands such as Tangy Toms, Northern Irish crisp manufacturer Tayto Group is launching a new range of HFSS-compliant snacks next month. Ringos Puffs will launch in BBQ and Sweet Chilli flavours and be available in three formats (rsp: 49p-£1.50/20g-6x16g).

Mini Cheddar Nibbles

Mini Cheddars Nibblies

Launch date: April 2022  Manufacturer: Pladis

Pladis is adding a non-HFSS version of Mini Cheddars, which are billed as a “reinvention” of the well-known cheesy snack. Available in Cheddar & Smoked Paprika and Double Gloucester & Chive flavours, Nibblies promise 30% less fat than regular Mini Cheddars and 75 calories per portion. They hit shelves in April in 6x17g multipacks and 115g sharing packs (rsp: £1.50).


Source: Weetabix

Lyle’s Golden Syrup Weetabix 

Launch date: May 2022  Manufacturer: Weetabix

Promising a “high fibre, low in fat start to the day”, the latest launch from Weetabix is a collaboration with Lyle’s Golden Syrup. The HFSS-friendly product is baked with the syrup to tap “ongoing demand for tasty yet nutritious cereals”, according to the brand. It lands in grocery, convenience and wholesale from 24 May (rsp: £3.29/24-pack).

Kallo_Beetroot_Veggie_Cakes_22g_Bag (1)

Kallo Veggie Cakes Minis

Launch date: April 2022  Manufacturer: Ecotone UK

The bagged snacks category looks set to be one of the hardest hit by HFSS restrictions. So while some major players reformulate (see Walkers and KP Snacks, above) Kallo could steal space from other HFSS products with the launch of a healthier on-the-go option. The brand has moved its Veggie Cakes into a mini format,  launching them initially into Tesco Express stores at the start of the month (rsp: 90p). The snack packs are available in two flavours – Beetroot & Balsamic and Spinach & Pesto – which contain 81 and 75 calories respectively per pack.