Cadbury Dairy Milk Inclusions Shell Eggs

Mondelez is tapping the Easter gifting trend with the launch of new Cadbury Dairy Milk Inclusions Shell Eggs.

Rolling out from February in Daim and Fruit & Nut variants, the luxury eggs contain chunks of the brands hidden within the actual shell. With an rsp of £12, for a shell egg and tablet (570g), they are aimed at “attracting younger, affluent consumers” to the Easter occasion and tapping demand for “giant and luxury” gifting formats, said brand manager Aislinn Campbell.

“Daim and Fruit & Nut are classic brands that people know, love and trust so they can justify spending a bit more.”

Mondelez is also launching a new Cadbury Crunchie Large Shell Egg (rsp: £6.15/278g) to build on the £6.6m (7.6%) growth in value sales of shell eggs its brands delivered during Easter last year [IRI Full Easter w/e 16 April 2017].

The manufacturer also enjoyed £5.1m (14.5%) growth in value sales of individual eggs in 2017 following a strong performance by Cadbury Creme Eggs, which surged 12% to £36.3m following the brand’s £4m marketing push last Easter.

It will plough another £4m into the Creme Egg Hunting Season campaign this year, with a new TV ad and experiential campaign, as well as partnerships and digital activity planned.

Mondelez will also roll out new Maynards Bassetts Jelly Babies Chicks bags (rsp: £1/165g) and gift jars (rsp: £5.19/495g) and an improved Cadbury Egg Hunt Super Pack (£6.99/342g) as part of its Easter 2018 lineup.