Source: Flawsome

Sustainable fruit juice brand Flawsome has claimed a first with a new carton range that uses eco-friendly paper wrapping for its straws.

Available from Flawsome’s webstore, Wonky Fruit Water is a three-strong lineup aimed at children’s lunchboxes.

Flawsome claimed a first for the kids’ soft drink category with the wrapping for its paper straw, which is also made of paper.

The move would cut 252 kilos of plastic and help make the business’ carbon footprint 50% lower than the average small juice brand, Flawsome added.

Made only from still water, wonky fruit and no added sugar, the new Wonky Fruit Water range comprises four variants: Apple, Mango & Orange; Sweet Apples; and Apple & Sour Cherry (rsp: £19.99/27x200ml).

Each 200ml serving contains iron, vitamin D and vitamin C, no more than 39 calories and up to 8.5g of sugar.

“We’re really excited to finally introduce both our new range of Wonky Fruit Water drinks and revolutionary paper straw in paper packaging,” said Karina Sudenyte, Flawsome co-founder.

“We pride ourselves on being innovators within sustainability and prioritise this throughout the business.”

Wonky Fruit Water would join Flawsome’s range “in providing children and families with healthy, delicious and affordable options for fruit drinks, while ensuring today’s children have a planet to enjoy as they grow up”, she added.