trip calm

CBD drinks brand Trip has extended its partnership with mindfulness app Calm.

The deal sees Trip’s DTC customers receiving a free subscription to the premium version of the paid-for, top-ranking app.

The collaboration was launched in October as part of World Health Day, backed by a nationwide out-of-home marketing campaign. Promotion of the partnership on Instagram and TikTok amassed the drinks brand more than 50 million impressions.

The offer has now been extended until April.

“Our mission has always been to help our community find calm in the chaos and support people every day with stress relief,” said Trip co-founder Olivia Ferdi.

“Calm shares this mission, so to continue working alongside such experts in mindfulness, giving our community accessible tools to continue their mental health journey, is a really exciting opportunity.” 

Trip saw 800% sales growth in January, which it attributed to consumers trying CBD for the first time “as a way to try and cope with the increasing stress of everyday life”, as well as seeking to reduce their alcohol consumption.

The drinks brand has used TikTok to reach gen Z customers, which according to the American Psychological Association are “currently the most stressed demographic of people”. The association reports that 90% of gen Z experienced psychological or physical symptoms as a result of stress in the past year.

“By providing free tools to support wellbeing, Trip hopes that it can help its customers and community with daily manageable moments to prioritise their health,” Ferdi added.