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Serves 6 for £24


Aldi boasts its deal for six people on its website, saying its “Christmas feast essentials cost just £3.91 per serving – equal to the price of a Tesco meal deal”. The deal includes not just meat, veg and trimmings, which can all be picked up in the frozen aisle, but gravy granules and a stuffing mix too.

Cost per person: £3.91


  • Oakhurst Small British Turkey Crown (1.5-1.9kg) £13.99


  • Four Seasons Honey Glazed Parsnips (600g) £1.65
  • Champion Crispy & Fluffy Roast Potatoes (1kg) £0.89
  • Let’s Party Pigs In Blankets (240g) £1.99
  • Four Seasons Brussels Sprouts (1kg) £1.09
  • Four Seasons Sliced Carrots (1kg) £1.09
  • Four Seasons British Garden Peas (900g) 65p
  • 12 Just Like Grandma’s Golden Yorkshire Puddings (230g) 79p
  • Quixo Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix (170g) 39p
  • Quixo For Meat Gravy Granules (300g) 95p


Serves 4-7 for £20 or 8-10 for £30

Frozen christmas dinner bundle

Asda is offering two value deals, allowing shoppers with Christmas get togethers of varing sizes to tailor their shop and still achieve the best value. It suggests an under £20 deal for a small turkey and sides that Asda says will serve 4-7 people, or an under £30 deal for a larger turkey and sides that would serve up to 10 guests. It has also focused on frozen own label SKUs to achieve the value offer in its smaller deal, but includes Aunt Bessies and Birds Eye’s ranges in the larger.

Cost per person: £2.73 (based on 7 people) or £2.82 (based on 10 people)

Under £20

  • Basted Small British Turkey, Frozen (approx. 2.6kg) - £13.50


  • Broccoli, Cauliflower & Carrot (1kg) £1.25
  • Crispy Roast Potatoes (800g) 88p
  • 12 Yorkshire Puddings (220g) £1
  • 12 Maple Pigs in Blankets £2.50

Under £30

  • Large British Turkey Crown (2.4kg) £18.50


  • Aunt Bessie’s Roast Potatoes Basted in Duck Fat (700g) £3.40
  • ASDA 12 Maple Pigs in Blankets (232g) £2.50
  • Birds Eye Select Mixed Vegetables (640g) £2.25
  • Aunt Bessie’s 10 Glorious Golden Yorkshire Puddings (190g) £1.50




Co-op won’t be selling turkeys as part of a deal, but is set to focus on its convenience offer, with a range of sides, vegetables and party food on offer this Christmas.

Mix and match two for £2.50:

  • Birds Eye Garden Peas
  • Aunt Bessies Sage and Onion Stuffing
  • Honey Glazed Roast Parsnips
  • 12 Ready To Bake Yorkshire Puddings

Any three for two:

  • Parsnips
  • Carrots
  • Peeled Sprouts
  • Maris Piper Potatoes
  • Wrapped Swede


Heron Foods

Serves 4 for £15

The lowest price deal comes from Heron Foods at £15. But claiming to serve just four, others pip it to the post in terms of price per person. The B&M-owned frozen specialist offers shoppers a step up from value tier meat and veg with a small yet stuffed turkey joint and cauliflower cheese.

Cost per person: £3.75


  • The Best Buy Turkey Joint with Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing (900g)


  • The Best Buy Roasted Root Vegetables (500g)
  • Cauliflower Cheese (325g)
  • Aunt Bessies Duck Fat Roast Potatoes (700g)
  • Aunt Bessies 4 Spectacular Yorkshires (220g)
  • 12 Pigs in Blankets (240g)
  • The Best Buy Brussels Sprouts With Bacon (500g)
  • The Best Buy Chantenay Carrots With Butter (500g)



Serves 8 for £28


This online exclusive Christmas dinner roast bundle is one of a kind, allowing shoppers to choose from one of a range of centrepiece options and add five sides of their choice. The range includes lamb, beef or turkey for mains and the widest choice of sides in comparison to its competitors, including many items from its premium tier Luxury range. It tells shoppers they could save up to £4.50 - 16% of the offer price - by choosing the deal.

Cost per person: £3.50


  • Luxury Lamb Guard of Honour (800g)
  • Luxury The Perfect Turkey Crown (2.2kg)
  • Whole Leg of Lamb (1.8kg)
  • Luxury Aberdeen Angus Beef Rump Joint with Beef Dripping (1kg)
  • Bootiful! by Bernard Matthews Golden Norfolk Basted Turkey Crown Medium


  • Iceland 12 Pigs in Blankets (252g)
  • Aunt Bessie’s 12 Bake at Home Yorkshires (370g)
  • Aunt Bessie’s Crispy Homestyle Mini Roasties (700g)
  • Aunt Bessie’s Fluffy & Buttery Mashed Potato (650g)
  • Aunt Bessie’s Honey Glazed Parsnips (500g)
  • Iceland Luxury Minted Petits Pois (350g)
  • Carrots, Broccoli and Peas Mix (1kg)
  • Carrot Baubles with Parsley and Chive Butter (400g)
  • Cauliflower Cheese (680g)
  • Luxury Chunky Roasting Vegetables (750g)
  • Luxury Perfectly Crispy Roast Potatoes (1kg)
  • Luxury The Perfect Double Butter Mash (800g)
  • Luxury Brussels Sprouts Loaded with Bacon (400g)
  • Luxury Red Cabbage and Apple (350g)
  • Luxury Brussels Sprouts Loaded with Whole Chestnuts (400g)
  • Luxury Beef Gravy (350g)
  • Turkey Gravy (350g)



Christmas bundle

Morrisons has not yet announced a dedicated deal, but has cut prices of more than 50 popular Christmas products.



Serves 4-6 for £30


Ocado was offereing M&S, Birds Eye and Aunt Bessie’s branded SKUs in its £30 Christmas dinner deal. However, the popularity of the online offer saw the M&S stuffed turkey joint included in the deal sell out within a week of the offer’s launch, leading Ocado to pull the offer.

Cost per person: £5 (based on six people)


  • Small Frozen M&S British Stuffed Oakham Turkey Breast Joint (1.08kg) £22


  • M&S British 12 Pigs in Blankets Frozen (282g) £3.75
  • Aunt Bessie’s Homestyle Roast Potatoes (720g) £2.80
  • Birds Eye Garden Peas (375g) £1.60
  • Aunt Bessie’s Honey Glazed Parsnips (500g) £2.55
  • Aunt Bessie’s 12 Bake at Home Yorkshire Puddings (370g) £2
  • Aunt Bessie’s 12 Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls (310g) £2
  • Aunt Bessie’s Cauliflower Cheese Topped with Crispy Breadcrumb (380g) £2.65


Serves 5 for £25

This is the first year consumers will be able to buy a full Christmas dinner at Poundland, following the chain’s rollout of chillers and freezers into almost 500 stores. The core deal offers a turkey as well as sides and gravy, while there is also an option to create a four course menu, inclusive of cheeseboard for £34.25, upping the pirce per head to £6.85.

Cost per person: £5


  • Autumn Foods Frozen Turkey £15


  • Stuffing £1
  • Pigs in Blankets £2.50
  • Roast Potatoes £1.50
  • Gravy £1
  • Parsnips £2
  • Sprouts £1
  • Carrots £1


Serves 6 people for £24

sainsburys shopping basket

Sainsbury’s has brought the price of veg right down in order to offer a competitive Christmas dinner deal that includes a sherry trifle dessert and cranberry sauce.The supermarket’ss website states customers should add the bundle to their Christmas basket from 11 December for orders to be delivered between 20-24 December. The most exciting part? Sainsbury’s turkeys will be available fresh rather than frozen.

Cost per person: £4


  • Standard Turkey £4.25/kg, (England, Wales, Scotland)
  • Grove Fresh turkey (3-3.9kg) £12.75 (NI only)


  • 12 Pigs in Blankets £2.50 (England, Wales, Scotland)
  • Cookstown Bacon and Sausage rolls 240g £2.50 (NI only)
  • Carrots (1kg) 19p
  • Brussels Sprouts (500g) 38p
  • Parsnips (500g) 19p
  • White Potatoes (2.5kg) 19p
  • Gravy Granules for Meat (170g) 75p
  • Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix (85g) 40p
  • 6 Yorkshire Puddings £1.30
  • Cranberry Sauce (250ml) 75p
  • Fruit Cocktail Sherry Trifle (900g) £4.50


Serves 5 for £25

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Tesco was the first to announce its Christmas deal, coming in at £25 for enough food to feed five. It’s managed to achieve that price point by including own label frozen food within that deal, including all the essentials for a Christmas dinner, from turkey and veg to pigs in blankets and Yorkshire puddings. The only thing it’s lacking is condiments, so gravy, bread sauce or cranberry sauce will cost extra.

Cost per person: £5


  • British Frozen Small Turkey Crown (1.5kg)


  • Roast Potatoes (800g)
  • 20 Pigs In Blankets (400g)
  • Hearty Food Co. 15 Yorkshire Puddings (230g)
  • Seasoned British Parsnips (600g)
  • Garden Peas (1kg)
  • Frozen Button Brussels Sprouts (1kg)
  • Sliced Carrots Peeled & Cut (1kg)