From first job to worst ever interview, most embarrassing gaffes to desert island must-haves: My Alternative CV lifts the lid on what really makes people in the food & drink industry tick. Want to get involved? Contact features editor Megan Tatum

My Alternative CV

Wendy Shot

Wendy Wilson-Bett, Peter's Yard, on gravadlax & Daniel Craig

‘I worked as a volunteer at the Ffestiniog Station gift shop when I was about 12 years old’

Louise Coulbeck JCS Fish

Louise Coulbeck, JCS Fish, on Brownies, Britannia & Churchill

‘My only interview was for the Saturday job on the market. My boss, the owner, was incredibly shy’…

kevin mcmanus UMI foods

Kevin McManus, UMI Foods, on Thin Lizzy and complexity Subscription

Phil Lynott always captured me with his music and lyrics

Meg Haggar

Meg Haggar, Raw Halo, on positivity and sense of direction

A candidate tried to cheat on their reasoning tests by switching their results with another candidate’s

John McManus KIND

John McManus, Kind Snacks, on brand building & Louis Theroux

I worked in a Chinese takeaway for three years while at school. It’s still one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had

Rym Selmi MiiRO

Rym Selmi, founder of MiiRO, on mouse phobia and sacrifices Subscription

I have so many nicknames but interestingly enough they are all longer than my actual name

Frankie Fox

Frankie Fox, The Foraging Fox, on chickens and truffles

‘My worst job interview? Sat on a prosthetic egg-shaped stool and asked what my star sign was’

Gavin Loftus

Gavin Loftus, Weetabix on the Go, on mirrors and penguins

My first job was milkman. Clearly the start of a promising career in milk drinks…

Jacopo Cordero di Vonzo

Jacopo Cordero di Vonzo, Remeo Gelato, on sailing and mice

They put us into groups and asked us to create stories around irrelevant products. It was very strange…

pritesh mody world of zing

Pritesh Mody, World of Zing, on being a professional eater

Most people who know me would say I’m little more than a professional eater

gemma stephens kingfisher

Gemma Watkins, Kingfisher Beer, on curry and Celine Dion

“My first job was as a dancer in the pantomime Snow White”

duncan goose one drinks

Duncan Goose, One Drinks, on stability and garlic bread

”Working in a butcher’s taught me about food production and why it’s worth paying more for quality”

harry clarke pops

Harry Clarke, Pops Ice Popsicles, on sampling and dumplings

“I attempted to get a job at a woman’s cashmere clothing company. It certainly wasn’t my bag but I soldiered on!”

huib van bockel tenzing

Huib van Bockel, Tenzing, on naked skiing and Nirvana

“I told the interviewer ‘I skied naked on a ski slope once’. I don’t think it was the answer he was looking for”

cat gazzoli piccolo

Cat Gazzoli, Piccolo, on the UN, fan mail and Prue Leith

“I started my career with the UNFAO in Rome. There is a high representation of female directors”

claire higgins lucozade sport

Claire Higgins, Lucozade Sport, on cheese and autocorrect

“Be polite. Be grateful. Be humble. Be curious. Be ambitious. And always buy a round!”

Poptails Laura Faeh

Laura Faeh, Poptails by Lapp, on karma and teleportation

”On my very first interview in London my boss spoke exactly the five same languages at me and kept switching”

Miriam Luff

Miriam Luff, Lanes Health, on cats, mongooses and David Walliams

”I was encouraged to go and admire and compliment the new fridge prior to commencing the interview”

Nick Wall bar shot-web

Nick Wall, Tails Cocktails, on acting like a big chicken and his pet Labrador

”My first job was working as a host for TGI Fridays. I think this may have been where my love for cocktails started. The bartenders were total heroes.”

Tom Redwood

Tom Redwood, Babease, on Simon Rogan and shaking up babyfood

“My first job was getting up at 4am for the early cleaning shift at my local convenience store”



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