From first job to worst ever interview, most embarrassing gaffes to desert island must-haves: My Alternative CV lifts the lid on what really makes people in the food & drink industry tick. Want to get involved? Contact features editor Megan Tatum

My Alternative CV

ben jackson capsicana

Ben Jackson, Capsicana, on Madonna, guitars and Jeff Bridges

‘When I first set up Capsicana I probably told my mates I was working down the market!’

jesse wilson jubel beer

Jesse Wilson, Jubel, on Dr Dre, ski trips and dolphins

‘How do I describe my job? Dealing the best beer with my best mate’

dafna bonas indie bay snacks

Dafna Bonas, Indie Bay Snacks, on snakes and Ashton Kutcher

‘My first business was when I was seven years old. I created follow-the-dots sheets’

Oliver Shorts

Oliver Shorts, Seed & Bean, on Hanson and Almost Famous

My first job? Working for my dad, doing a lot of admin work

will jones frieslandcampina

Will Jones, FrieslandCampina, on wasps and his bad Spanish

‘From the age of 15, I spent most school holidays as a gardener’

Jeremy Pang

Jeremy Pang, School of Wok, on London smog and Cool Runnings

My first job was on the production line in a mouthguard factory!

caspar rose fresh fitness food

Caspar Rose, Fresh Fitness Food, on Donnie Darko and goats

I have a phobia of short runways, in both the financial sense and the airport

bepps founder eve yankah

Eve Yankah, BEPPS, on Britney Spears and Lord of the Rings

If I could have one dream perk, it would be more hours in the day!

Andrew Rayner Childs Farm

Andrew Rayner, Childs Farm, on Run-DMC and cockroaches

My first job? At a hotel restaurant washing up in the kitchens

nick croft simon white rabbit pizza co

Nick Croft-Simon, White Rabbit Pizza Co, on owls and Aaliyah

‘I got fired after a day’s temping because I was so bad’

noreen kinsey future thinking

Noreen Kinsey, Future Thinking, on Prosecco and peacocks

It’s great to be responsible for brightening people’s days

olly hiscocks ollys olives

Olly Hiscocks, Olly's Olives, on Daft Punk and woodpeckers

Other than being financially rewarded for finding my granny’s reading glasses, my first job was at Blacks

gemma pond no&more water

Gemma Pond, No&more infused water, on Snap and switching off

My first job was as a nightclub promoter. I’m not sure I ever used to sleep

Doctor Seaweed Craig Rose

Dr Craig Rose, Weed & Wonderful, on dancing and butterflies

It would be great to see product development and purchasing decisions a little quicker to help drive innovation

Chris Lock Lily's Kitchen

Chris Lock, Lily's Kitchen, on Blondie and Patrick Stewart

I was being interviewed by an e-commerce retailer and two sentences in I realised I had absolutely no interest in the job

Tom Stancliffe Tribe

Tom Stancliffe, Tribe, on snakes and Good Will Hunting

I used to spend summers working in Oddbins – made fun by the post-work tasting sessions!

Luke Raskino

Flyte co-founder Luke Raskino: my alternative CV

I tell my mates that I’m ­entrepreneur-ish and on a mission to clean up the chemical-filled drinks aisle

Al Shariat Coconut Merchant

Al Shariat, director of Coconut Merchant, on Saint Germain and sourcing

Through our focus on ethical sourcing, I know that for every product we sell means we are helping a farmer and their family

sam knights threefold

Sam Knights, MD, Threefold, on Easter eggs and racing cars

‘My first job? Press officer at Guinness World Records



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