Discover how to cater to health-conscious shoppers seeking nutritious snacks, as Grenade shares valuable tips to boost your sales while promoting a healthier approach.

With 40% of adults in the UK now motivated to make healthier life choices[GOV UK], and six in 10 consumers actively trying to choose healthy snacks to hit their fitness goals[Market Measures], consumers are looking to find more convenient ways to satisfy their hunger and nutritional needs.

So, products that are delivering on taste, while maintaining a healthier profile are becoming increasingly more sought after. This is seen in the value of the healthier snacking market which has seen 15% growth in the last 12 months, taking it to £148m[IRI].

It’s safe to say the healthy snacking market is showing no signs of slowing down.

A snacks range for a savvy retailer

With more shoppers seeking healthier snacks, its crucial retailers provide a range that caters for different needs and occasions.

Providing 64% of the value of healthier snacks[IRI] and the largest segment, are everyday treats, and this encompasses indulgent protein bars. As with Grenade’s range of low sugar, high protein bars, these snacks can be enjoyed every day. Each bar is packed with 20g protein and just 2g sugar, making them guilt-free indulgence.

And this fast-growing segment continues to accelerate, growing at 31% and now worth £95m[IRI] in the last 12 months. So the increasing popularity of indulgent treats such as protein bars, warrants a healthy space in a healthier snacking fixture.

With individual protein bars achieving a cash rate of sale of over £5 per week[IRI], they more than earn their space on-shelf and a varied range of best-selling flavours can be lucrative for a savvy retailer. With comparative cash through the till to many “must-stock” confectionery lines, protein bars should be held in equal regard as their chocolate counterparts.

Energising the healthy snacking fixture

But besides indulgent treats, retailers should look to provide energy for their customers through a range of carbohydrate dense snacks. These give the shopper needing an extra boost the option of choosing a tasty snack that will fuel their day. These compliment a protein-rich fixture by providing an alternative to shoppers focused on getting more from their day.

Finally, retailers should finish their healthier snacking range with naturally nutritious products. These are often nut-based products that are packed with natural ingredients, great for shoppers with a more conscious choice of what they enjoy snacking on.

Capitalising on impulse purchases

Having a considered healthier snacking range in-store is important but it’s no use if shoppers can’t find the snacks they crave.

Snacking is impulsive so it’s vital retailers make space for their snacking fixtures where shoppers are walking or waiting. Positioning your snacking range next to confectionery can also give shoppers the choice of picking up a healthier alternative, and generally with greater margin in healthier snacks, this is a healthier boost to profits, too.

Use point of sale, such as shelf strips and aisle fins to signpost your healthier snacking range, will help make your healthier snacking fixture unmissable. Keep products well-stocked and organised to create a neat fixture that is easy for the shopper to navigate when impulsively selecting their snacks.

Innovation is the key

Shoppers love NPD so it’s important to follow trends and have exciting new products in-store. New formats, flavours and products give customers a reason to try something different and to come back to stores, looking for their new favourite. Social media, trade publications and fellow retailers are great sources for new products to try in your store.

Grenade’s latest launch of their OREO protein bar flavour is a great example of NPD that cannot be ignored by retailers. Since it’s launch in January 2023 it’s become the best-selling protein bar in symbols and independents[IRI], overtaking the established must-stock Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel.

Fast-selling favourites like this should be considered alongside a core range of healthier snacks and when sold from high footfall locations such as by the counter, can be especially profitable when making the most of trending products.

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