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How 10 food and drink brands are winning attention on TikTok

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Discover how 10 food and drink brands have mastered TikTok to capture and hold audience attention. Unlock the secrets to their success in the latest report from The Goat Agency.


4 great reasons to invest in D2C in 2024

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With direct-to-consumer still only accounting for a small proportion of fmcg revenues, what’s the payoff on investing in the sector? Download our latest report with idhl, Shopify and Klavio as they reveal four reasons why D2C is crucial.


Reduce in-store theft and improve safety with a proven solution

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With the number of cases of theft growing in the UK, how can grocery retailers protect their businesses and create a safer shopping environment for both their staff and consumers? Find out more.


How food and drink manufacturers can keep decarbonisation on track

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As the COP28 climate summit draws to a close, the focus remains on the progress companies are making in decarbonising their business models. Find out more as E.ON explores how food and drink manufacturers can successfully maximise efficiency while keeping decarbonisation on track.

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The grocery store of the future: how technology is evolving the store landscape

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With the grocery store of the future at the cusp of transformation, find out how technology will redefine the in-store experience and how retailers can navigate the changes shaping their future.


Unlocking the hidden value in grocery

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Research suggests online grocery sales will double by 2030. Download this whitepaper to find out how two leading retailers are successfully scaling existing processes and operations to meet this demand.

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How Lidl GB cracked open the Scope 3 emissions challenge

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Find out, how Lidl GB, in collaboration with a Scottish egg producer, developed a valuable new product while delivering a significantly reduced carbon footprint. Download the whitepaper now.

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How to execute your unified commerce strategy

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Retailers’ ambitions to achieve omnichannel innovation and meet shoppers’ expectations are often ruined by their struggle to really execute on key insights. Download Aptos’ latest whitepaper for an insight into successfully tackling these challenges.


Why fmcg brands should be changing their grocery focus

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With little sign of an end to the economic challenges facing UK fmcg brands, it’s now time for them to reprioritise longer-term revenue growth management. Here’s why.


How the food industry can embrace sustainability

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The goal of sustainable and regenerative agriculture is to meet today’s food demands without compromising the ability of future generations to also cover their needs. Discover the three key priorities that will take food businesses one step closer to a truly sustainable future.


Building consumer confidence in seafood to boost consumption

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How can industry meet evolving consumer expectations around the seafood category? This whitepaper reveals how consumer confidence in seafood can be built up effectively to meet demand and boost consumption.

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What is the future of plant-based food?

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With the ongoing consumer focus on personal and planetary health, greater technology and advancements to it are set to drive the future of food. Read this report to find out how to take advantage of potential opportunities in the plant-based sector.


Cost-of-living crisis: The questions you were afraid to ask

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As the cost of living continues to dominate people’s lives, what really matters to consumers right now? Here’s an opportunity to fully understand their priorities.


How can brands and retailers unlock the retail media goldmine?

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Forecast to grow into a nearly £100bn global market by the end of 2023, retail media is the hottest opportunity in advertising right now. So, how can UK grocery make the most of its potential?


Sustainable energy strategies for food and beverage manufacturers

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Find out how a comprehensive energy strategy can help F&B businesses reduce carbon emissions, maintain resilience, predict future energy costs and enhance ESG performance.


The quest for margin: fmcg’s biggest challenges and how to solve them

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Improving profitability for fmcg manufacturers is an urgent challenge, but how can this be achieved?

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3 trends fmcg brands should watch in 2023

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With consumers habits constantly changing, learn how consumer goods companies globally are transforming their strategies as trends take shape.

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Picking profitably: solutions for grocers today and in the future

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All grocery retailers seek profitability, but modern solutions for increasing efficiency and widening profit margins seem complicated and costly. Or are they?

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How ginger can add spice to your business

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How can ginger cultivated in one country taste so different from that which has been grown elsewhere? The answer is not only whether it is dried or fresh, but is also down to extraction expertise.


5 ways to use product sampling to drive content on TikTok

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Discover how sampling can supercharge your content, build awareness, and drive impact for your brand.


How to get to grips with what consumers want in 2023

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Understanding what consumers want in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis is a major challenge for consumer goods companies. So how can brands and retailers best tackle this?


What impact is the cost of living crisis having on Christmas?

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In its latest report, Vypr uncovers how the current economic climate is affecting consumer behaviour this Christmas, and what opportunities it presents for next year.

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How to profit from click and collect grocery lockers

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Click & collect lockers offer huge advantages for grocery retailers, enabling them to reduce costs and capture online demand. Find out why in StrongPoint’s report.

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How technology can drive efficiency and sustainability

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Featuring insights from fmcg tech trailblazers, discover how digitalising end-to-end production can put you on a path to becoming more competitive, productive and sustainable in 2023, all while reducing costs. 

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2022 UK Consumer Sustainability Benchmark Report. Where does your brand sit?

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One in 4 consumers have recently changed brands based on their perception of a brand’s ESG performance. Are you winning or losing customers? Download the benchmark report to find out how your brand compares.


How to practically implement sustainability into your food business

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With the food industry battling twin challenges - to produce more food, while improving environment impact - how do you practically measure the sustainability of your supply chain? Find out more below.


The impact of the pandemic and cost of living crisis on shoppers

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire? Two years of Covid restrictions have given way to a cost of living crisis, supply chain issues, and a pervasive, lingering sense of post-pandemic instability. What does it all mean for UK shoppers? Find out more below.

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Gen Z’s top 10 food & drink brands on TikTok – and what you can learn from them

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The number of food and drink brands on TikTok has skyrocketed. The app has now become Gen Z’s go-to search engine and it’s transforming the digital customer journey. So, which food and drink brands are killing it on TikTok right now? Find out more below.


Confusion, disregard, and change: The impact of new HFSS regulations

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A unique view of the government’s impending HFSS restrictions, through the eyes of UK consumers.


How to nail trade promotions amid a cost of living crisis.

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With UK consumers grappling with a cost of living crisis, how can FMCG brands devise a winning promotional strategy that will create brand awareness, maximise sales and, above all, retain shopper loyalty?

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Eliminate checkout friction by revolutionising your POS experience

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Learn how the Eggplant point-of-sale systems continue to evolve customer convenience

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How to achieve citrus flavoured beverages without compromise

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How applying technical expertise to the highest-quality citrus oils can achieve authentic, clean-label citrus-flavoured beverages.

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How to achieve profitability in grocery e-commerce

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Despite an increase in volumes during the pandemic, one of the biggest challenges in e-commerce grocery is profitability. Discover the innovative solutions offered by Scandinavian grocers.


Young consumers identified as key to surviving the HFSS tsunami

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Learn how young consumers are the key to unlocking success in a post-HFSS world.


2022 Consumer Trends in Sustainability in partnership with Kraft Heinz

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Learn how consumers want brands to act more sustainably.  Three-quarters of consumers expect brands to do more about sustainability.


Why local could be the future of grocery

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Having kept us fed and safe so brilliantly during the pandemic, our supermarkets and their teams are again battling a fresh wave of challenges from the current supply chain and cost of living crises. So how can the Power of Local help?


Succeeding on Amazon is essential for health and beauty brands

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In the UK, Edge by Ascential expects Amazon to overtake Boots parent firm Walgreens Boots Alliance to become the top health and beauty retailer by gross merchandise value (GMV) sales by 2026.  

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3 Steps to Owning Your Digital Strategy and Customer Relationships

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Third-party delivery partners were a must for grocers during the pandemic. Such relationships allowed retailers to stay afloat, offer an in-demand service to customers, and hold onto valued clients in volatile times. 

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Are online shopping opportunities set to dominate grocery post-pandemic?

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2021 saw up to 80% of customers in the UK ordering their groceries online and the UK grocery industry is changing like never before.

The Marketers guide to TikTok

The Marketer’s Guide to TikTok. How CPG brands can reach a hyper-engaged audience

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Product discovery has changed forever, and this is most evident in the CPG industry, where there’s increased fragmentation and reduced loyalty.


Sustainable CPG: The Complete Guide To Making Your Business Regenerative

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In an era of world change, businesses need to understand how to form a circular economy and be regenerative. But how? Read SAP’s step by step guide to achieving this goal.


Technology transformation for food manufacturers: Where to start

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With the world seemingly at a crossroads, the megatrends that were once 25 years away have been brought to the fore in a matter of months. The rate at which businesses must now adopt technology is only increasing. This scene presents itself amid continued reports of supply chain challenges, labour shortages and heightened costs. Download the report below to gain insights into understanding the need for technology transformation.


Recruitment, retention and resilience: How can grocery build a workforce fit for the future?

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From Brexit to burnout, to ageing workers and the rise of digital commerce, grocery faces a perfect storm of pressures when it comes to recruitment, retention and building in relevant skills across its workforce. 


Hit Refresh. The return of the shopping experience post-pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the shopping experience profoundly, forcing grocery retailers to place a new focus on hygiene, adapt their stores, and invest heavily online. The response has been radical and effective, with rewards to match.

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The new rules of shopper attention: what it takes for grocery brands to be seen, heard and remembered in 2022

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In the face of media fragmentation, Covid and HFSS restrictions, fmcg brands have rarely had to work harder to get shoppers’ attention. A new Grocer Vision report explores how brands can stay visible, cut through the noise and get their message across.

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How self-service can help scale e-grocery click and collect

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The current driver shortage in the UK could trigger a trend to push up the costs of all forms of deliveries, including for e-groceries.


Delivering promotional excellence in grocery and convenience retail

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Promotions can be a double-edged sword. Done well, they can be among your most powerful revenue drivers. But poorly executed and they seriously impact the customer experience -jeopardising sales and revenue targets.


Volume vs Efficiency: How data science is evolving sampling, fast!

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In 2021 the Triyit community answered millions of questions every month - giving honest, detailed feedback about their product sampling experiences, whilst sharing unique insights into their shopping habits, lifestyle and personal influences.

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Which grocery brands are winning on Amazon UK and

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The formula for growing eCommerce sales is simple: get more eyeballs on your product pages, then get more of those eyeballs to convert.

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Dealing with the new squeezed middle

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The squeeze on both consumers and the food and beverage supply chain is very real, so how can businesses identify areas to make savings, beyond the more obvious?



Suppliers and Products Guide

SEARCH for the products, services and companies you need in the definitive guide to the UK food and drink industry.