Cleaning products 2

Source: Tesco

The refill dissolvable capsules allow shoppers to reuse the spray bottles

Tesco is launching a refillable line of cleaning products that could save up to 60 million pieces of plastic a year.

The supermarket is introducing a new range of six own-brand spray bottles that can be reused by mixing Tesco dissolvable capsules with water to make a new cleaning solution.

The supermarket said it hoped the refillable sprays and concentrates would change the way people bought cleaning products as eco-friendly options continued to become more mainstream.

“Refillable cleaning products should prove to be popular with our customers,” said Tesco cleaning product buyer Michael Williment.

“Not only are they better for the planet, they are easy to use and cheaper than buying a new spray bottle each time.”

The range includes multi-purpose surface cleanser, kitchen and bathroom surface cleaners, daily shower cleaner and window & glass cleaner. Each spray cost 80p while the refills retail at 70p.

Tesco estimates that if shoppers opt for the new concentrated solutions with all the cleaning spray bottles, over 60 million pieces of plastic can be removed from sale per year.

The move is part of the retailer’s plans to reduce plastic usage and waste via its 4Rs strategy, which was first implemented in 2019.

Since then, it has removed over a billion pieces of plastic from its UK operations and aims to remove a further half a billion this year.

Tesco has also recently launched its reusable packing service, Loop, in 10 stores and rolled out its soft plastic recycling scheme across all large stores.