asda yoghurt aisle

Asda returned to winning ways after taking a pasting from Lidl last week.

As has been the case for the past five months, Asda has had little trouble in terms of seeing off its traditional supermarket rivals. This week its £58.52 total was £2.82 cheaper than second-placed Morrisons.

Asda was offering the lowest price for 20 of the 33 items on our list, with 10 of these exclusively cheapest. The interesting detail here was that all 10 of these products were own-label lines and six were fresh and chilled products - including avocados, pears, Wiltshire ham and lean beef mince.

Despite the solid victory, Asda still had to offer our shopper a voucher worth £4.87 off her next shop as part of the Asda Price Guarantee. This was based on it not being 10% cheaper than Morrisons. It also failed in its pledge to beat Tesco and Sainsbury’s by 10%.

In keeping up its position as Asda’s closest challenger over the past two months, Morrisons offered the lowest price for 13 lines with five of these exclusively so, including the BrewDog Dead Pony Club beer and the kiwifruit.

Third-placed Tesco was almost a fiver more expensive than Asda at £63.19. This was based on its shelf-edge prices, with which it matched the lowest price for 10 lines and was exclusively cheapest for two products. However, our shopper received an instant Brand Guarantee discount of £2.34. Had the store stocked the Sharwood’s noodles, the reduction would actually have been slightly less at £2.21, taking Tesco’s total to £60.98 - still £2.46 more than Asda - despite annual inflation on these items being lower, at 1.7%, than at any of its rivals.

Sainsbury’s was £5.80 more expensive than Asda at £64.32 while Waitrose, at £66.40, was £7.88 more expensive than Asda - a difference of 13.5%.