Gordon's Sicilian Lemon w bottle landscape (1)

Asda undercut its leading supermarket rivals by more than a fiver this week as it claimed a third Grocer 33 pricing win in a row.

At £63.34, Asda came in £5.67 cheaper than runner-up Tesco. Asda offered the lowest price for 19 products, nine of which were exclusively cheapest.

These included the bacon, bran flakes and raspberries. But the biggest difference for Asda this week was its only exclusively cheapest branded item: the Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon gin. Asda was selling the gin at the reduced offer price of £13, which was £3.50 cheaper than the other four retailers.

Had we shopped for this list last week, Tesco loyalty scheme members would have paid £14 for the gin as part of its Clubcard prices initiative, but that deal ended just prior to our mystery shop. As it was, Clubcard Prices would have amounted to a total discount of just £2.27 this week – taking Tesco’s total down to £66.74, still £3.40 dearer than Asda.

Tesco offered the lowest price for 10 lines, with four exclusively cheapest. These were the Anadin tablets, white cabbage, large chicken and papaya.

At £69.37, Sainsbury’s was 36p more expensive than Tesco’s shelf-edge prices and £6.03 more expensive than Asda. It offered the lowest price for 10 products and was exclusively cheapest for five. These included the chorizo, cottage pie and Galaxy chocolate.

Based on this basket, Morrisons appears to have struggled most with inflation. It came in at £70.72, up 7.5% on last year and 9.2% versus last month, and was £7.38 more expensive than Asda. By comparison, Tesco was 3.2% more expensive than a year ago, while Asda nudged up 0.3%.

Waitrose was exclusively cheapest for the Weetabix Crispy Minis, but was still £14.59 more expensive than Asda at £77.93.