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Source: Tesco

Tesco was exclusively cheapest for eight items including the Gü puddings

Tesco has extended its lead to 19 wins in the Grocer 33 competition as its loyalty price programme once again proved the difference.

Tesco’s £69.79 basket was £2.87 cheaper than nearest rival Asda, thanks to a £7.28 (10.4%) instant saving offered on nine price-only promotions under its Clubcard prices initiative.

Discounts weren’t the only source of value at Tesco though: it was cheapest on 20 items, eight exclusively (see items highlighted in green on table).

Tesco’s basket was 7.4% and 4.6% cheaper versus last month and last year respectively, which helped average inflation across the five grocers fall 2.5% on last month and 0.3% on last year. The biggest annual reduction was on the price of the kitchen roll (–24%). There has also been a marked increase in cucumber prices (+11%) in recent months (see the featured SKU, right).

Had it not been for Clubcard Prices, Tesco would have been well off the pace, with Asda’s shelf-edge total of £72.66 cheaper than Tesco’s by £4.41. Asda still managed to be cheapest on 14 items and exclusively so on four.

After winning the Grocer 33 last week, Sainsbury’s didn’t fare so well: a £4.30 (or 5.8%) saving from Nectar loyalty promotions meant its total fell from £78.64 to £74.34 and it was cheapest on 13 items, three exclusively. But it was still £4.55 more expensive than Tesco.

With no meaningful signs of loyalty price-based savings from its More card, the Morrisons total of £77.81 was £8.02 more expensive than Tesco. Factoring in the unit price of multibuys (there were eight) the ‘all inclusive’ price would have come in at £72.82.

As to Waitrose, it was once again an outlier, its £81.52 total almost £12 more expensive than Tesco’s, despite discounts from promotions saving £4 (4.9%).