Organix Meals Early Explorers - Rainbow Veggies with Lentils

Winner – Organix Rainbow Veggies with Lentils

The decision to use 100% recyclable lidded clear pots that are reusable was a real selling point in these Organix Rainbow Veggies pots. Not only did it improve on the product’s eco-credentials, but the pot format allows for a wider variety of chunks than traditional pouches, which are key to dietary development in young children, according to the brand.

In fact, part of the new Organix Baby Meals range, the pots have been developed in line with planetary health guidelines and the nutritional needs of little ones. Each one is bursting with veggies and pulses, such as lentils, tomatoes, sweet potato, sweetcorn, aubergine and red pepper designed to spark curiosity in young children from an early age.

Alongside its innovative packaging, judges praised this “great mix of ingredients and appealing texture”. Made from more than 75% vegetables, “the brand has done a great job of combining sustainability and health with that all-important taste too”, they said.

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