from an independent retailer, name and address supplied

Sir; My shop is situated in a rural area of Scotland. The next nearest shop and bank are well over 10 miles away. The shop is open at least 51 hours a week, but when I took it over, the Post Office cut my post office counter opening hours from 37 to 17. Naturally, to provide any sort of service to my customers I spend many unpaid hours on post office work.
Dealing with the Post Office and the contract restrictions are very difficult across the board, but I highlight two points.
E-top-up: Prior to their availability via the Post Office I sold top-up vouchers. Once the Post Office got in on the act, I felt I had to make the service available throughout retail hours. How could I tell my customers that they could use their swipe cards between 10am and 1pm, but that, otherwise they would have to buy vouchers.
Cash machines: when I took over the shop, I wanted to install a cash machine. For two years the Post Office has not installed one and because of the contract I cannot install my own into what is, after all, my shop. I have now spent two summers telling several people each day that they have to travel 16 miles to another shop to find a cash machine.
I must remain anonymous because with network reinvention it’s easy for the Post Office to close me down for no reason. I know that would be a big blow for the community, which includes my neighbours, friends and retail customers.