Golden Wonder’s Wotsits Mealtime Potato Shapes ­ its first non-bagged snack launch for 30 years ­ brings the kids’ brand head to head with KP Hula Hoops in the frozen potato products market. The cheese flavoured, foil packed, mainmeal accompaniments (rsp: £1.59, 750g) will reach shelves in October. They sport the message Try Me’ and will be supported by a £1.5m campaign. This includes TV ads which kick off in mid November for six weeks and feature cartoon brand ambassador Willie Wotsit. They build on the £12m campaign for the brand portfolio, Wotsits, Weenie Wotsits, launched in November 1999 ­ and Wotsits Wafflers, launched earlier this year. A spokesman said the brand inspired strong loyalty among children and adults. “It will encourage people to trade up from commodity frozen potato products,” he added. Golden Wonder’s last launch outside the bagged snack launch was Pot Noodle in the 1970s. {{P&P }}