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S.Pellegrino mineral water

Bottled water sales 'could outstrip cola within three years'

22 Mar 2014 | By Rob Brown

Bottled water will be worth more than cola within the next three years, according to the sector’s leading brands…

Federico Sarzi Braga Nestle Waters

Federico Sarzi Braga takes over at Nestlé Waters UK

16 Mar 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Nestlé Waters has swapped one Italian for another at the helm of its UK business…

New Ski Sensations range

Nestlé offers a more indulgent Ski range

09 Mar 2014 | By Richard Ford

Nestlé is giving Ski an indulgent twist with the launch of Ski Sensations – a more luxurious, cream-based dessert…

Nespresso Clooney

A Mondelez cuckoo lays its pods in Nespresso's nest Subscription

07 Feb 2014 | By Vince Bamford

With big guns joining the Nespresso-compatible pod market, how can the Apple of the coffee world defend its premium position?

Kit Kat Japan Boutique

Kit Kat shows it's a big deal with Tokyo boutique

27 Jan 2014

Like Tom Waits, Alphaville and Godzilla, it seems Kit Kats are big in Japan…

Clooney Razor

Clooney and Paxman crop up in close shave for razor kings

19 Jan 2014

George Clooney has done a good job with those Nestlé ads – lending the brand some of his insouciant, knowing charm…


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Nestlé can gain from Mondelez’s pods

20 Feb 2014

Nestlé may yet find that Mondelez’s move into the category provides a very interesting uplift in sales…

Nestlé is cereal offender

11 Aug 2013 | Updated: 12 Aug 2013

Nestlé is what’s known in the trade as a cereal offender…

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