1. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk - tablet LEAD

▼ £34.5m (–5.3%)

Chocolate has suffered from falling demand – especially formats that were boosted in lockdowns “such as chocolate blocks and sharing bags”, says NielsenIQ analyst Polina Jones. Meanwhile, singles have returned to growth “but haven’t recovered to pre-pandemic levels”.


2. Lindt Lindor


▲ £5.0m (+2.7%) 

With sales of £190.8m, Lindt Lindor has overtaken Galaxy to take second place in the category. It “saw most significant gains through its Easter chocolate eggs range, as well as growth within its chocolate box ranges”, says Jones.


3. Galaxy


▼ £13.2m (–6.5%)

Looking to the future, price rises will be a key theme. “Manufacturers’ cost increases are now leading to price increases passed down to shoppers,” says Jones.


4. Maltesers

Dark Maltesers

▼ £3.5m (–1.9%)


5. Kinder

Ferrero Kinder Easter range

▼ £7.7m (–4.8%)

Kinder maintained fifth position with sales of £151.6m, despite a salmonella outbreak prompting recalls in April 2022.


6. Cadbury Twirl

Twirl Orange resized

▼ £4.5m (–4.0%)


7. Kit Kat


▲ £4.5m (+4.4%) 

Own label is already gaining ground in value terms, up 1% despite a 7.5% drop in volume. But Jones insists there remain ample opportunities for brands as confectionery is “a great trade-down gifting category”.


8. Cadbury Wispa

Wispa Duos 1

▲ £3.8m (+3.7%)


9. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher T24 300g (002)

▲ £9.6m (+11.7%) 

Ferrero Rocher has taken ninth place from M&M’s, with growth driven by its new sharing blocks. Aero fell from 10th to 11th as sales dipped by 0.5%.


10. M&Ms

M and M protein

▲ £2.5m (+2.9%) 

Source: NielsenIQ 52 w/e 9 July 2022